Sonos wants to spraakassistenten of Google and Amazon support

Sonos wants to spraakassistenten of Google and Amazon support

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Speakermaker Sonos wants to collaborate with Amazon and Google so that the spraakassistenten of that companies speakers from Sonos to work.

Sonos is now one of the biggest makers of so-called connected speakers; speakers who, even without a paired phone or computer music, can stream. Companies such as Google and Amazon enter that market now with their own smart speakers, but Sonos would at the same time collaborate and compete.

That says new Sonos CEO Patrick Spence, in a letter to employees of the company, shortly after his inauguration in early January, reports The Verge.

“We know that the home life support of different services is required, because each family member has his own preference,” writes Spence about the different muziekstreamingdiensten that Sonos supports. “We’re going to do the same with spraakassistenten, and all the services that matter to each house.”

Voice commands

Sonos announced earlier support of Amazon Alexa-speakers, where multiple Sonos speakers with voice commands, can be controlled through a single speaker from Amazon. Spence also mentions Google and the “(probably) Apple”, as well as companies where Sonos wants to work together.

Google sells in the US speaker Home with voice assistant, also the Pixel-smartphones from Google have assistant. iPhones, iPads, and Macs come with Apple’s voice assistant Siri. A smart speaker with Apple, the company would be there according to rumors at work.

The smart spraakassistenten of Amazon and Google, are not yet working in the Netherlands, Siri since april 2015.

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