Sonja Bakker proud of compiled family

Sonja Bakker proud of compiled family

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Nutritionist Sonja Bakker (42) lives with her blended families in the Horn. “The last thing I had expected from above, is that I now have this great family I have.”

The children have, according to her, from the beginning a good relationship with each other. “They have never had a fight,” says Baker at Dragonfly.

Itself, she has two sons from her first marriage, Tristan (13) and Finn (11). Her husband, Jan Giant has a son of twenty, Jan, Jr., and daughter Puck of sixteen years. Together they had in 2012, their son, Bram.

In the weekend all the children in the home. “Everyone does then also take part in the program,” says Baker.


Already at the beginning of the relationship wanted Bakery that everyone would meet. “It had to click, otherwise it went to the whole party.”
Bakker, Jan Giant (54) of the past. But the age difference of twelve years, then played a major role. After Giant was separated from his first wife and found out that the Bakery used to be in love with him had been, he decided to contact her.

Since then, the two together. Baker: “I had never expected that I now have such a fine, great family would have.”

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