Son-in-law Trump not with the Russians to have conspired

Son-in-law Trump not with the Russians to have conspired

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of the American president Donald Trump, claims he last year has not cooperated with Russia in the run-up to the presidential elections.

“I have not conspired with a foreign government,” said Kushner in an published Monday written statement. He appears later in the day for the Senate committee investigating the alleged involvement of Russia in the U.s. presidential election of november 2016.

He also does not have contact sought with the Kremlin. “I am also not been dependent on Russian investment, what is my business in the private sector”, in the statement. To his knowledge, other campaigners also not cooperated with the Russians.

Kushner proposes that he, with four Russian representatives had contact during the campaign and the transition period after the election of Trump.

Communication channel

The 36-year-old Kushner is the husband of Ivanka Trump and played during the campaign of Trump a prominent role in the field of online media. Tuesday he appears before a commission of the House of Representatives.

He is heard in the context of the large Ruslandonderzoek. Kushner is more of suspicious have been in contact with the Russian ambassador in Washington, for the construction of a secret channel of communication with the Russians. The hearing will take place behind closed doors.

For a long time sound like there are accusations that the Trump campaign has collaborated with Russia. Moscow denies the accusations, as president Trump.

Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. and Trumps former campaign manager Paul Manafort must Wednesday, July 26, appear before the Senate committee.

Trump Jr. it gave last week, e-mails free which proved that he was in June 2016, wanted to speak to a Russian lawyer who may have information that was harmful to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic opponent of his father.

On behalf of the campaign of Trump were also Kushner and Manafort present at the meeting with the concerned lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaja and the Russian-American lobbyist animator rinat Akhmetshin. Kushner described the meeting as “a waste of time”. Members of the Senate committee told about this conversation to know.

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