Son found Andries Moustache unconscious at home

Son found Andries Moustache unconscious at home

Andries Toggle (64) is two times fainted before 1 november in the hospital was recorded on the intensive care unit with severe legionella contamination that he had recently occurred in Bolivia.

This told the EO-star Saturday night during the radio EO Live on NPO Radio 5, where he was a guest and told about his recovery.

The first time Moustache unconscious became, was at an airport in Bolivia, the country in which he pictures had for the program EO Effective. At home he became for the second time unconscious. “It was november 1, I was home alone. I am found unconscious by my son who takes off was to take”, said the presentatoor.

“It was all so different can end up, that I realize more and more. I knew in the first few days in the intensive care unit that I was sick, but afterwards, on me descended how serious it was.”

Moustache was a month in the hospital, of which 21 days in the intensive care unit. In the hospital, he fell and 11 a kilo. “I am now seven weeks at home, the doctor do I need to be marching down to walk to keep my lungs open again. It comes to conditions good with me.”


The EO-presenter had as a result of the bacteria a double pneumonia incurred. The doctors were serious concerns for his health and decided to intubation. “On 12 november, I am intubated and I came to ventilation, only four days later I was awake again.”

He was on seven hoses fixed and had a good time with the sweet people around me to talk about before the intensivist is an injection given in my arm. “I could have my wife and children to speak and said: ‘I believe that the follow, but knowing me safe in God’s hands. If something goes wrong with me, I fall into God’s arms’. So I felt that really, I have very strongly experienced. I said that not only to they feel more secure, it came deep from within.”

Donald Trump

Toggle lost in his bed, the interest to him. “In all honesty, when I was sick, everything was gone. The whole world fascinated me, nothing more. I only got that Donald Trump won the elections.”

The interest returned when the weather got better. “I got back interested in economy, politics, the news. I have two weeks in a mental bubble lived, I’d like to still want to keep it, but darn it all, the politics was interested in me again faster than I would like.”

The presenter is again fit enough to recently come back two hours per week. “The occupational physician should I not be on radio or tv and not preach. What I do now, so not even the company doctor. But I feel a little vital, I have energy again, only my lungs and the muscles let you down.”

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