Some say they are ‘sexually fluid’ relationships in order for them to have “the love of infinite in all directions’

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Darrien young Seqqoÿa is not what anyone would probably call a traditional relationship, but they say it works for them.

Darrien, a woman and meditation guide, and for the first time, met up with Ryan, a male music producer, back in September of 2018, a dating app for the “thoughtful people.” The two San Diegans, quickly agreed, and fell in love right away,” said Darrien.

Darrien, however, said that they didn’t even have to look at his friend’s house, and when they are young, connected, she told the South West News Service (SWNS).

Taylor and Darrien met back in September. By 2018, at a dating app, and the “thoughtful people.” The two San Diegans, quickly agreed to the meeting, and “fell in love” right away.”


“I originally downloaded the app to talk to a girl, but my tastes and preferences, Ryan’s face popped up,” she told the outlet, adding that she’s sure to let him know of her likes and dislikes, at their very first meeting.

On our first night together, I told him that I had just got out of a relationship with a couple, and I didn’t want to limit myself to a relationship with just one person,” said Darrien, 23.

Darrien explained further on in the couple’s YouTube page, which they don’t consider themselves bi-sexual, or because its interests are more difficult to define.

Taylor and Darrien to say that “sexual liquid” state will allow them to be “in love, infinite in all directions.”

“Which is a term that resonates the most is” sexually fluid, ” she said in a video shared earlier this month, adding that she also likes to describe her preferences, like “polyamory-ish.”

To her relief, Ryan, 27, told me he was too sexually “fluid” on the first date.

“We have decided to have an open relationship, and that we were going to have to look at each other, and to other people as well,” Darrien said.

Darrien (to the right) and met Beth in July, and the two of them started dating. Beth is also in a relationship with a man.


They soon got married in a “spiritual ceremony”, as opposed to a legal one to two months after the meeting, and the celebration of their marriage in the Sequoia National Forest in California, on a blanket covered with stars and crystals. (That is, they are too distracted by their new, shared last name, the name of the forest where they were “married.”)

Then, in July, and Darrien met a young woman named Beth on the tinder, and the two of them started dating. They have introduced the Ryan-to-Day, however, they are not at all in a “throuple” — Beth is in a relationship with a man.

“I originally downloaded the app to talk to girls,” said Darrien (to the right) of the meeting by Ryan (not shown) by means of a “mindful” of the dating service.

Ryan, meanwhile, acknowledged that he is not “jealous” of the time-to-time, but said that he would always be in a position to have to work through it. In that time, he recalls, that he and Darrien and Darrian, and Eventually the practice of “free and open.” Ryan also told SWNS that he does not have time for a relationship but hopes to one day be their own boyfriend or girlfriend.


Darrien young, now the documentation of their relationship is on YouTube, in which the finer points of their way of life, their ‘spiritual marriage’, and even their own sexual fluidity.

“It’s finally time to just” be “who we are, and to accept the gift that God has given us the ability to love is infinite in every direction,” Ryan says in the short video.

“We are not opting for this lifestyle, because there is a lack of it, between us. I have a feeling that if we as a whole, it is not a part of us that is missing that needs to be filled out by someone else. We are well equipped and we also like you to be on top of the abundance that is already there.”


Darrien young, added that they would recommend it to their way of life, for anyone who is not familiar with the process of entering into a monogamous relationship if the right rules and the stigma attached to “cheating” on a spouse or partner.

“The majority of mammals, have been polyamorous,” Darrien was added.

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