Some of the: ‘It is not surprising to me that there is now, however, money to ADO

Alfons Groenendijk has Friday’s critical comments about the Chinese majority shareholder, Hui Wang, at the ADO Den Hague, the netherlands. The 55-year-old trainer says he’s at the beginning of december resigned from the residentieclub, so that money is available for the winterversterkingen.

“Jeff (the sacked technical director Jeffrey van As, ed.). and I had the money, never has been, because there’s a lot going on. I have been in the four-year period from the ADO, and anyway, very little contact with China, and, indeed, there are a few incidents,” says Some in the Broadcasting company of the West, where he was for the first time, sort of explaining his departure.

Some of the was more than a two-year contract with ADO Den Haag, which, under his direction, to the second-to-last place in the Premier league and was dropped. His successor, Alan Pardew managed to get the commitment from the owner Wang, is that the club have money to invest in new players, and after that As mid-december, and lay-offs. ADO was welcomed in January two new players.

“No, not at all surprising to me that it is money, I that the signals are never received,” said Some. “I have often been asked, in the summer, though, because the group that we had, had at the last minute.”

“The selection we had for the last few seasons have really squeezed out, and important players had left the field. But instead of that, we were able to invest in the selection process, I was told that there was no budget and that there are six tons of it from me.”

Hui Wang has been since 2014 the major shareholders in the ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“I got an angry e-mail from Wang

According to Some, the relationship with Wang, in further time, when he was publicly critical uitliet the arrival of the general manager, Mohammed Hamdi, a position which Some say was not involved.

“I got an angry e-mail from Her, that was the entire interview, with me given. The new director, Mohammed Hamdi, eds.) told me to get that angry e-mail from Wang, but did not answer. But anyone who has me in a bit of a know that I have done that, of course, but I have done it. I’ve also been to all of the people in the cc, placed Wang in the cc, wanted to go, so it was still on.”

“Quite frankly, I had hoped that, with ADO, a party would have to come from China. It’s just a different culture, you have to believe in it or not.”

Some of which, in the past, he was on the Excelsior, Ajax, FC Den Bosch and Willem II will wait for the time being, the adoption of a new trainersklus. “There’s been interest from clubs, but I’ve noticed if I think about it, is that I will have more time to do that.”

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