‘Somber mood to accept can negative feelings reduce’

‘Somber mood to accept can negative feelings reduce’

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By accepting that you have a bad mood, you will feel in the long term it can be better. Conclude that scientists after a psychological study.

Scientists from the university of Berkeley conducted three different surveys. The first included a survey, which the participants various statements about their feelings had to answer.

It was found that people who indicated that they did not feel bad about a somber mood, and overall higher scores on well-being than persons who have these dark feelings do not accept.

For the hypothesis to confirm it was over 150 of the participants were asked to videosollicitatie of three minutes, in which they had to tell about their qualifications. They had two minutes to get this recording to prepare for.

Afterwards had to teach the participants how they feel after this test felt. The group in the previous research indicated negative feelings prefer to avoid, was usually more stressed by the ordeal than the other participants.


In the last part of the study had more than 200 people for two weeks, keep a study journal in which they have their greatest experiences described. Six months later, they were given a questionnaire about their mental health. The group that has a bad mood, do not accept, as was evident from the passages that they wrote in their diary, had more often symptoms of a mood disorder than the group of those dark feelings, however, allows it.

“This research demonstrated that persons negative emotions to embrace, less quickly again, this kind of feelings experienced. That ultimately leads to a better mental health,” says a professor who worked on the study.

The scientists want more study to the hypothesis further to confirm. To do this, they want to see what the influence of culture and upbringing has on the acceptance of a negative vote.

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