Solidariteitsreis to Lesbos: a holiday not soon to be forgotten

The Greek island of Lesvos was always a popular tourist destination, but now there are some 5,000 refugees stranded keep the tourists away. Therefore organises Different Trips a solidariteitsreis where you’re both the beauty of the island discovered as see how refugees there as well as possible to be met.

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The Greek island of Lesvos a stone’s throw from the Turkish coast, was always a popular destination for tourists. The island is always known for its simplicity, variety, authenticity and hospitality. But now keep the tourists away, not because the beauty of the island is gone, but since 2015 is 5,000 refugees stranded.

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The inhabitants of Lesvos were praised for their humanity and hospitality, and even nominated for the Nobel prize of the peace. “We only have our human duty done and that have no price,” was the heroic. Since then, it received the name ‘vluchtelingeneiland’. Tourists let themselves be scared by that new reputation, and that means a disaster for the inhabitants.

A journey not soon to be forgotten

Therefore organises Different Trips in cooperation with Lesvos: Solidarity a solidariteitsreis in which the participants enjoy beautiful walks, interesting sites, delicious food, sun and sea. But they also have incredible stories to hear and will find that the refugee problem is complex and will not soon disappear. It is, therefore, a special journey, a journey you will not soon forget…

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Help the helpers

The trip is an initiative of a tour guide, Steven, Vertommen, who has long had a very special relationship with the island and for several years, travelling has. He currently resides on Lesvos and will be in preparation for the journey to speak with Efi Latsoudi, the inspiration behind PIKPA (now Lesvos: solidarity) he for many years know. He also medications that are collected by the pharmacists in Blankenberge issue in the camp. You may experiences can be followed on the website of Different Travel.

How does the journey look like?

The participants will make beautiful walks along the coast, and visit typical Spanish fishing villages, explore the mountainous interior, and have the time to sunbathe on the beach or water sports to do. They also visit the refugee camp (Pikpa) of the island of Lesvos: Solidarity. Per registered participant gives Different Travel 25 euro to Lesvos: Solidarity and 25 euro at Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen.

The journey takes nine days, from 17 June to 25 June and will cost 1240 euro per person. These are the flights, meals, accommodation, guiding and transfers are included. There is space for up to thirteen participants.

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