Sober Woods was sleeping behind the steering wheel is detected by police


Sober Woods was sleeping behind the steering wheel is detected by police

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Tiger Woods had to be Monday by the police awaken when he by the police asleep in his car was found. A breathalyzer revealed, however, that the American golfer is no alcohol had been drinking.

The 41-year-old Woods was Monday morning in the early hours of the road, picked in the neighbourhood of his home, Jupiter Island (Florida), reported the local police of Palm Beach County.

From the police report indicates that Woods for a few hours in the cell, was taken on suspicion of driving under the influence, but a breathalyzer shows that the former number one of the world’s not a drop of alcohol had.

Nevertheless, it fell veertienvoudig majorwinnaar asleep behind the wheel, while the engine is still on and the rechterknipperlicht still burned. In addition, he would not have known where he was, his story several times adapted and not successful for a motor test in which his nose had to touch it.


Tiger Woods during the night in the cell for ‘driving under influence’


In a statement blames Woods are “extremely slow and uncertain” way of talking to an “unexpected reaction” to prescribed medication.

“I see the seriousness of what I have done and take full responsibility for my actions. I want everyone to know that there is no alcohol in the game was. I didn’t realize that the combination of medications so much influence on me would have,” said Woods, who in the last few years plagued by back injuries.

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