So you make your own perfect sushi

Sushi is hip and today, even in the smallest villages, sushirestaurants to find. But this Japanese dish with a little bit of exercise also at home at the kitchen table. Experts explain how to get the perfect sushi in each roll.

“In Japan people eat sushi as a side dish, not as a full meal,” says sushi chef Delja Blom. “You will find there, especially the sushirol (Maki) and the rijstbolletje (Nigiri).”

Blom grew up in Japan, attended classes at the Sushi Academy in Tokyo and gives sushiworkshops. “That sushirol is also not round, but square. This you can recognize the professionals.”

So you make your own sushi

According to Blom is making sushi is really something for the weekend. “You’re with the rice one and a half hours, it takes a while to make.”

This is what you need for making sushi

  • Sushi rice
  • Zeewiervellen
  • Azijnmengsel (rice vinegar and sugar)
  • Fresh ingredients to your liking
  • Wasabi or soy sauce
  • Mat to roll
  • Clingfilm

Anyone that wants to work, but first a starter pack is required. Blom: “It is just figuring out what exactly you need, to clear recipes, equipment and ingredients. Think of the correct rice and a mat to roll. But once you’ve started it is best to do.”

Most of the preparation is in the rice

According to Blom, it is on the correct way to wash, cook and mix the rice the most important. “The better sushi rice you can find is usually not in the supermarket but fortunately in more and more toko’s available. It is, perhaps, a bit more expensive, but then you’ve got a nice white and round grain rice with more starch that stick so well.”

Step 1: wash the rice thoroughly

  • Ten minutes with your hands under cold running water until the water from the rice afspoelt bright color.
  • Then a ten minute soak in clean water, put in the rice and fuller flavour.

Step 2: Cook the rice in the right way

  • Tip: use one cup of rice one cup of water.
  • Bring the rice to the boil.
  • Boil the rice, then two minutes on high heat, five minutes on medium fire, and eight minutes on low heat. Let cook with the lid on the pan.
  • Let the rice a quarter of an hour to rest, while you have a tea towel between the lid and the pan insert.

Step 3: The rice mix and allow to cool

  • Scoop the rice with a wooden spoon in a wooden or plastic bowl
  • Scoop there is still a bit azijnmengsel through it.
  • Cool meanwhile the rice with a fan (or something similar) to a maximum temperature of the body to clean lines.

Sushi with fresh fish

In addition to the right rice are also the ingredients of importance for tasty sushi. If you choose raw fish should be extra attentive to hygiene.

“Practice makes perfect. It goes from frustration to meditation”
Delja Blom, sushi chef

Lolkje de Vries of the netherlands Nutrition centre: “Fish is a healthy choice and it is of course great fun to make at home sushi making. For sushi is that the fish is as fresh as possible is eaten is supposed to be, so eat it preferably on the day of purchase or possibly the next day. Plus, use your senses: smell the fish dirty and not fresh? Then throw it away. So you limit the chance of food infection.”

Sushi for pregnant women, the elderly and young children

Those who prefer to not fish to eat, with sushi still enough range. Blom: “You can have all kinds of ingredients to your own taste add. Think of cucumber, avocado or radish.”

De Vries agrees. “Choose indeed for sushi with vegetables, cooked egg or tofu, then it is immediately suitable for pregnant women, the elderly and young children. For groups, we recommend still to raw fish to eat.”

Beginning with Maki

What ingredient should preferably has a good role to start with Maki. “That is the variant with seaweed on the outside and a single ingredient on the inside,” explains Blom.

Maki consists of a single ingredient on the inside.

Roles should be according to Blom then with feeling, and with the use of all your fingers. “Please roll a half sheet of seaweed, and otherwise correct the proportions are not good. Fill out the sheet two-thirds full with the rice and put the ingredient of your choice on top. The top two inches of sheet love you will be empty. Also don’t forget, before you with the plakrijst going to work, getting your hands wet in a bowl. Just let it drip and then the rice pack. Otherwise, paste everything is in your fingers.”

Then the roll sliced and to taste served with soy sauce or wasabi. And that sticks? Blom: “In Japan they eat the sushirol with chopsticks and the rijstbolletjes with the hand. It also depends a bit on the company.”

An alternative to raw fish is herring. Agnes Leewis of the Dutch Dutch fish information service: “the Herring is such a versatile fish with a salty taste that goes well in sushi. And before herring reached the consumer, it has a long maturation process undergone in the structure of the fish is changed. Then the fish is frozen. Really raw, you can of herring, therefore, no longer mention.”

Recipe for haringsushi with cucumber


  • 2 salt pegs
  • 500 g of sushi rice
  • Azijnmengsel (6 tbsp rice vinegar and 4 tsp sugar)
  • 1/2 cucumber and/or avocado
  • 4 norivellen
  • wasabipasta

Method of preparation

Make the rice ready according to the instructions. Heat the rice vinegar with the sugar and two teaspoons of salt until the sugar is dissolved. Spread the rice out on a scale. Sprinkle with the rice vinegar and let cool to room temperature.

Divide the meantime the pegs in four halves and cut them in the length so that eight strips arise. Halve the avocado, flip the pit out and remove the skin. Cut the avocado and the cucumber into strips the same size as the herring.

Wrap a bamboematje in clingfilm. Put a norivel. Divide with damp hands a quarter of the rice over the norivel. Leave 2 inches at the top free. Press the rice slightly. Put on 4 inches from the bottom across the whole width of two strips of herring next to each other. Place strips of avocado or cucumber. Stroke along the top side a thin layer of wasabi. Caution: wasabi is hot!

Role with the bamboematje from the underside of the sushi tightly. Keep the sushirol possibly want to use in the refrigerator. Cut the roll with a wet, sharp knife into slices of 2 centimeters. Make the same way with the rest of the ingredients have three reels. Serve the sushi with extra wasabi, soy sauce and some pickled ginger.

Recipe: Dutch Dutch Fish Information Service

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