So, you judge quickly, or your hotel room is clean

So, you judge quickly, or your hotel room is clean

If you have a night away booked, you can sleep like in a clean room. But how do you well or the space in which you can stay clean and hygienic? put together with schoonmaakexpert Jaap Sneezing a number of points in a row.

According to Sneezing is with the hygiene in Dutch hotels are not always that well made. “Often it looks visually fine, but if your tests would do and would look to Enterobacteriaceae (a large family of bacteria to which E. coli belongs, eds.) you’re wrong.”

Door open and close

Do upon entering the room the door just open and close, advises Sneezing. “If there is the plinth, a layer of dust, not cleaned properly.”

Remote control

The remote control in a hotel room, according to Sneezing always “with suspicion” is to be viewed. “Especially if the hotel has a pornokanaal.”

Hair in the drain

“With a piece of toilet paper you can check in the drain of the sink and in the shower hairs are left over from the previous guest.”


Where you according to Sneezing also always to look at the ceiling. “A spider web on the ceiling and behind the curtains is often forgotten way to pick up by the cleaners.”

Under the bed

“Go on one knee and one arm and take a look under the bed. You might think that the well is cleaned, but the practice is different,” says Sneezing. “If there is a box spring in your room, lift the mattress upward. If you’re lucky, there is a wallet, but if you are unlucky to have a filled condom.”

Lock toilet door

Although you are not with the naked eye can see, is a button that allows you to the toilet door, lock runs often one of the most squalid parts in a hotel room, says, Sneezing. “The flush button and the door will be cleaned, but that button does not. Also the tiles around the toilet are often forgotten.”


Let you not be fooled through your nose, advises Sneezing. “It’s going to be clean smelling, does not mean that it is clean too. I can be the most filthy space, or smell like. The stronger the scent, the greater the suspicion.”

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