So you get in the winter enough vitamin D within

It is always used to be dark outside and until Friday, december 21, the shortest day of the year, the number of hours of sunshine per day, getting smaller and smaller. We get enough vitamin D in the winter?

Next Friday in Amsterdam but 7 hours, 40 minutes and 42 seconds light, while in the summer there is about 17 hours per day, with the sun at the top of the sky. That’s for the vitamin D production in the body is quite a difference, says Saskia Geurts, director of Nature and Health, the Netherlands (NPN), the Dutch association for the industry around supplements.

Vitamin D is through the skin created. The advice is therefore to between 11.00 hours and 15.00 hours at least a quarter of an hour with a bare head and bare hands sit in the sun. But in the winter the sun is in the Netherlands not strong enough to do that, says Geurts. Thus, for example, the well-known winter blues. “The supply of vitamin D in the body are at the end of the winter really. This will allow the gloomy feelings arise.”

According to Roy van der Ploeg of the netherlands Nutrition centre is especially for certain groups important to vitamin D supplements to take. In younger children, there is shown that a vitamin D supplement, the risk of rickets decreases, and for the elderly the risk of falling and bone fractures, make it smaller, ” he says.

And for pregnant women it reduces the chance of having a child with a low birth weight. But also for people with a tinted or dark skin color, according to Van der Ploeg important to swallow: they make it naturally less vitamin D to.

The recommended daily amount of vitamin D is 10 micrograms per day

‘Not everybody needs to to swallow’

People who are not up to these groups, according to Van der Ploeg sufficient vitamin D within and do not need to swallow. “If you have a quarter to half an hour outside in the sun and eat according to the Drive of Five, in any case, butter or margarine, liquefied, baking and frying fat, and oily fish such as herring, salmon and mackerel, then it is not necessary for vitamin D to swallow.”

Geurts is there partly agree. “The sun is in the winter not strong enough to your body vitamin D. Therefore, I think it’s good that everyone in the winter vitamin D to swallow.”

The advice is in accordance with the Drive of Five to eat enough vitamin D to get inside, stores them in the wind. “You have to be a lot of sandwiches with butter and eat three times fatty fish per week.”

The best is, according to her, to opt for vitamin D3 supplements. “You have two different forms of vitamin D: D2 and D3. We recommend vitamin D3 use for that is for the body an easier to handle form.”

10 micrograms of vitamin D per day

The Nutrition centre recommends that people who are vitamin D swallow the recommended amount of 10 micrograms per day to keep. Only people of seventy years and older is recommended 20 micrograms to swallow.

Geurts estimates that between 20 and 40 percent of the people in the Netherlands to a shortage of vitamin D has. Young children, pregnant women and elderly people would, according to its year-round vitamin D to swallow. The rest of the people only in the winter, to which way a stock and among other things those pesky winter blues to prevent.

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