So, you can eat a vegan (plant based), and these tips will make it easier for you

On the 1st of november is World Vegan Day. To be a good time to think of a vegetable to eat. Because if you do that (more than once) and want to do it, how do you do?

The official explanation of veganism, it is, according to the Netherlands Association for Veganism (NVV) is as follows: veganism is a way of life which – to the extent that is practicable – that is, apart from all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

The people who have to be vegan to go a step further than vegetarians and vegans, because, in addition to meat and fish, to eat no animal products, including eggs. The number of vegans in the Netherlands is growing rapidly. In 2016, it was estimated, the NVV is the number at 50,000. In the meantime, that there were about 127.000.

Lisette Kreischer’s been almost twenty years as a vegan, the winner of the very first Vegan Award in 2010, and co-creator of The Dutch Weed Burger is the author of, among other things, the book and the blog, Man.Eat.Plant. She also gives tips on how to use animal ingredients and easy substitutes for plant-based products.

Eating vegan due to the animal, and get the most out of it and plant into it to stop it

Do you want to plantaardiger are going to eat, why not try out the dishes that you are used to a vegan to make. “If you take the animal out and put the plant in it,” says Kreischer. “There is a place for almost each and every other animal ingredient is a plant-based equivalent of it.”

“To make the vegan pasta carbonara, by all, to be replaced by the dried tomatoes.”
Lisette Kreischer, a vegan expert

They cited a number of examples of this. “In lasagna, you can use vegan ground beef to the sauce, and make a béchamel sauce with the milk of a soya, barley, oats, or almonds. When the pasta carbonara and enrich your pasta with a crispy-fried, sun-dried tomatoes in place of bacon. It gives you the same kind of salt taste. You get pizza, do you make a home-made tomato sauce, with vegetables of your choice, and a vegan Parmesan cheese on it.”

So, you can eat more vegetable:

  • Learn to read and learn about veganism
  • Do you have a favorite recipe, vegan
  • Looking for great vegan recipes
  • Take small steps, for example, start with a once a week vegan
  • Invite your friends to a vegan restaurant

In short, to learn about vegan food. “Look at what you have milk, cream, cheese, and eggs, you can replace them,” says Kreischer. “You used to be a cakebeslag to do with the beaten egg, then in place of applesauce, a banana, jelly, linseed-oil, or the liquid of the chick peas or aquafaba. Perhaps you’ll learn of new products, but also a well-known products in a different way.”

A vegan cake is to make, you can easily by, for example, a banana is to use it. (Image: 123RF)

Look online for inspiration for the vegan food

The search engine is your best friend. “Looking for easy vegan recipes and you’ll find that there’s a world in front of your eyes. The same is true, of course, is for Instagram.” They also advise Kreischer to take small steps to take. “For example, start with once a week with vegan food. And get ready to be amazed by the sheer number of options that are available to all tree nuts, cereal grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs, fungi and algae.”

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You are invited to a birthday party, why not try a vegan apple pie with it. “You are not the only food everyone likes to make an apple pie and at the same time, can you explain just how easy it is to make a cake vegan to you.”

And if you’re with friends, going out for meals and would prefer a vegetable to eat, and take the initiative. Kreischer, “Ask them to make a good vegan restaurant, but you will have friends for that.” And take them with you in your enthusiasm.”

Links to sites with vegan recipes


In you can find vegan restaurants all over the world.

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