So far, Biden, proves the skeptics wrong

nearvideo-former-Vice-President Joe Biden speaks to the Fans in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Biden sets a 2020 campaign with a speech in Iowa.

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Marvel now on the power of political narrative, as tough and resilient as an old tire.

But also often just as full of stagnant water and mosquitoes.

The political press directly after a year of knocking the opportunities of Ex-Vice President Joe Biden to win the nomination, the Democrats – too old, too white, too male, to moderate. Now reporters find themselves confronted with a very different reality.

Not only did Biden get in the race with both feet, but he posted the best fundraising numbers from candidates on the opening day of impressed with his announcement speech, and now, according to a survey, got a double-digit bounce.

We were certainly among those with doubts about Biden’s chances in a party, so different demographically and ideologically-than the one in which he spent most of his career.

Something like six-in-10 Democrats are women, and something like four in 10 of non-white ethnic minorities. Socialism is en vogue, with lots of young Democratic voters. Populist anti-establishment sentiment is still on the agenda.

That sounds like a party, this is the retro and the picking, the safe candidate?

And these concerns can, however, Biden doom. After all, 54 percent of respondents in another recent survey of potential Democratic primary voters is not yet a candidate. If it stops beating, its notes or, if the second-place Sen. Bernie Sanders starts landing more effective strikes against the front-runner, Biden could easily meet the projections of a collapse.

But the claim by many that Biden was already maxed out its support, and this is the best day in his campaign would have been the introduction than wrong.

In addition, Biden looks especially good with black voters, especially women. The punctures still a further assumption about its viability in the age of intersectional politics.

Biden always has to overcome huge hurdles, but he can say, for now at least, that he proved the skeptics (including us) wrong.

“In a democracy, where a multitude of people exercise in person the legislative functions and are continually exposed, by their incapacity for regular consultation and concerted measures, to the ambitious intrigues of their Executive magistrates, tyranny may well be apprehended, on some favorable emergency, to start, in the same quarter.” – James Madison, Federalist No. 48

Story: “In New York City, George Washington, the great military leader of the American Revolution, is inaugurated as the first President of the United States. In February 1789, all 69 presidential unanimously, Washington was the first President of the United States chose electors. In March, the new U.S. Constitution officially entered into force, and in April Congress formally word sent to Washington that he had won the presidency. He borrowed money to pay off his debts in Virginia and traveled to New York. On April 30, he came across the Hudson River in a specially built and equipped ship. The inauguration took place on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street, and a large crowd cheered after he took the oath of office. The President then went to read sleep indoors, Congress, his inaugural speech, a quiet speech in which he spoke of ” the experiment entrusted in the hands of the American people.’ The evening celebration was opened and closed by 13 missiles and 13 guns.”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval:
43 Percent
Average of the refusal: in the case of 52.4 percent
Net Rating: -9.4 Points
Change from a week ago: 0.2 points
[Average, includes: WaPo/ABC News: 42% approve, reject – 54%; Fox News: 45% approve, reject – 51%; of the Monmouth University: 40% approve – 54% lean; Gallup: 45% approve, reject – 51%; GU policy/battle field: 43% approve – 52% disapprove.]

Fox News: “A new poll in the state holds the first primary in the race for the White house, the former Vice-President , Joe Biden, on the extremely large field of Democratic presidential candidates, with one-time longshot Pete Buttigieg now statistically tied with sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont for second place. Biden has published the support of 20 percent of the likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, according to a Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll on Tuesday. … Sanders, independent senator from neighboring Vermont, the figure was just over 12 percent. … The survey shows not only the awareness of the feeding Biden is in the survey. Thirty-five percent of respondents said Biden had the best chance of beating GOP President Trump in the year 2020. Sanders was a distant second at 13 percent.”

Biden drives home support for the trade unions, middle-class – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “There was so much focus on the unionized workers at Joe Biden’s first campaign event on Monday that you all have your own special red bracelets and a exclusive entrance on the side of the Teamsters hall. Then you got shout-outs from the former Vice-President. Mr Biden thanked the trade unions represented one-by-one… ‘I’m not making excuses,’ Mr. Biden said to a wall-to-wall crowd of about 600 people at the Teamsters Local union 249 hall in Lawrenceville. “I’m a union man.’ … So for about 30 minutes, the 76-year-old Scranton native presented an economic vision, which relies heavily on the idea that companies have broken out their ‘basic bargain” with the American worker: that people who make a contribution to the well-being of an organization should get a share of the profits.”

Beto provides $5 trillion in climate change plan – Fox News: “democratic presidential candidate Beto O’rourke, trailing in the polls despite a large advertising campaign, in order to prove that he is the policy chops by the unveiling of a $5 Billion plan to fight climate change and achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the U.S. by 2050. … O’rourke’s plan, his first major policy rollout of driving since the Start of his election campaign in mid-March, calls for the ‘mobilisation’ of $5 trillion over 10 years for the Transformation of the nation’s outdated infrastructure and innovation and help communities lead the fight against climate change. … The candidate says he will pay the bill for his plan with $1.5 trillion of revenue generated by structural changes in the tax code, to ensure that corporations and the richest among us to pay their fair share, and that we are given, finally, the tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks to companies on fossil fuels,” it says in its campaign for the release.”

Andrew Yang plans to give Iowa voters a $12,000 – Des Moines Register: “democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to give a Iowan of $1,000 per month for a year, a point to prove. The point is That his plan, in order to ensure that all citizens, which would increase to 18 years of age or older $1000 monthly Federal payment to the people and the country. He calls his plan a ‘freedom dividend.’ ‘I’m going to give up a freedom, the dividend is paid to a person or family in Iowa. The ‘s $1,000 per month for 12 months out of my own pocket,” Yang, a lawyer and entrepreneur from New York, said. In interest in the receipt of cash or other nomination, may apply in the case of Yang-site. The application process includes a telephone interview and a personal visit with Yang. He expected that the Iowan referred to, the cash received, will be selected in June, with payments starting in July.”

Former sen Mike gravel says that he is now ‘to win’ – Fox News: “When former Sen. Mike gravel of Alaska launched its extreme long-shot bid for the presidential candidacy at the beginning of April he said that his only goal was to push the large field of candidates, the further to the left by the debate of the stage. Now, it seems that the 88-year-old gravel lifts his gaze. He explained on Monday how to reach the other candidates before a steep climb to the White house,, ‘I run to win. Just like Seth Moulton, John Delaney, John Hickenlooper, Tim Ryan, or Eric Swalwell .’ Gravel campaign, said the candidate is now “in it to win it” because of what it characterizes as ” such a strong reaction—again and again to beat Kirsten Gillibrand, Eric Swalwell, Tim Ryan and Seth Moulton in the polls.’ To register … despite its claims of momentum, the pebble is hardly in recent polls…”

Politico: “house Democrats prepare for a battle with state attorney General William Barr about the conditions for a Committee hearing on Thursday, Senate Democrats are getting ready for their own showdown. Barr is set to testify Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he is all but guaranteed to face hostile questions from Democrats over his dealings with the special counsel , Robert Müller‘s report on the Russian interference in the election of 2016. Barr’s appearance, his first before Congress since the report of the public release on April 18. Although he also has a Plan for the follow-up questions from Democrats and Republicans to a friendly audience from the Senate Republicans on the Committee, his testimony both on the House Judiciary Committee, where he would appear the following day. To be the focal points for the Democrats, the Müller report, and the details of almost a dozen instances of possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump, as well as the Russian election meddling.”

The house Dems are now finished Politically: “A key house Committee with the power to accuse the President of Donald Trump moving forward with a Thursday hearing to question Attorney General William Barr about the Miller’s report, even if the attorney General does not show. The confrontation took its latest turn Monday, when the legal Affairs Committee has officially announced to hold a Wednesday morning vote, which would allow the panel, the Democratic and GOP consultant, will share one hour of additional questioning about the special counsel of the results on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible obstruction of justice by Trump. … By sticking with the proposed format for the hearing, the Democrats are essentially the Ministry of justice cave in or fight back daring.”

USA Today: “the Democrats in Congress and President Donald Trump agreed to spend $2 trillion to the nation of the crumbling turn infrastructure Tuesday, but to pay for a plan, the investment was absent, in the midst of an unusual moment of bipartisanship. “It is clear that both the White house and we all want something done to get the infrastructure in a big and bold way,’ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said after meeting with Trump for about 90 minutes on Tuesday. Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined the Assembly in the atmosphere and the history of mistrust, as the Congress is hammering the White house for more information on the conclusion of the special counsel, to Robert Mueller probe. Pelosi said Trump would propose specific ways for the figures for the investment in three weeks. Both Trump and Democrats have previously agreed, that trillion is required to upgrade the nation’s highways, bridges and airports.”

Stacey Abrams rules 2020 Senate bid – AJC

Trump uses his pen to re-make the right of asylum – NYT

Survey: Americans do not feel personal benefits of a strong economy – Monmouth University

Trump-family files lawsuit against Deutsche Bank, Capital One, block House subpoenas – Reuters

What to look for in the first post-election primary of the year – Roll Call

“Buttabeep, Buttaboop. Seek him.” – Oprah Winfrey talking about mayor Pete Buttigieg in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“The articles you have published, in the mid-term report… choose you because you agree with them, or because they find them interesting, or because you want to, tweak the trump supporters? Or all three? For the life of me I can’t tell sometimes, and some of the time I can’t even tell you why they took out any reason at all. For the most part, but I think the strictly political articles are garbage. I’ll take that article that I might disagree with a grain of salt, and those from liberal sources, mostly bald-faced lies, completely on them being a liberal and a proven liar.” – Ron Lawrence, Of St. Cloud, Florida.

[Ed. Note: I don’t know, this meant a lack of respect, Mr. Lawrence, but why on earth are you doing reading this? If you want only articles that show you the world from a point of view, there are many publications that cater to your needs. With relatively little difficulty, you create a whole media could see the ecosystem for yourself, in which you can listen to you, and you only read things that confirm your existing biases. We draw our sources from across the media landscape to give you the reporting and analysis of the fresh and fair. We are not “tweak” someone yet, we are suggesting that any outlet that we share an impeccable role model for journalistic perfection. We bring you what we mean, they were true, useful and clarifying for every day. If I find your choice of words – “garbage”, “the liar” – I think, to read, because it makes you angry because there are people who run away will always enjoy. Disastrous passion is still passion, after all. You may have read, though, because, want, at least, a part of you, to get a broader view on things. Perhaps there is a sense that nothing can grow down in a silo, and you want to be outside, where the sun shines. What brings you to our little corner of the world, you are welcome here, Mr. Lawrence. I hope you to come again and again.]

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Sky News: “Most people see the sharks in the shallows, would be from the sea directly, but a group of dogs that have been shown in Australia, they are made of stronger stuff. The fat canines were filmed splashing in the surf, apparently playing with several sharks try to feed on Murray Island, one of the Torres Strait Islands between Papua new Guinea and Far North Queensland. Greg MacKinnon, of Irvine, who filmed the unusual encounter, for the first time noticed a lot of commotion in the shallows and saw a group of sharks had been cooped up in a swarm of small fish in the shallows to catch and to eat. Their feeding frenzy was interrupted by a gang of four dogs jumped into the water and to hunt and began to try to playfully bite the predators. … In the video, to be invisible, people seem to be calling the dogs, but all animals appeared to be unharmed after the encounter, to be the seemed to be more fun for the canines than the big fish.”

“We live in a unipolar world. The old bipolar world of the cold war has given birth to the multi-polar world that many had predicted and some of them are in existence today. It is the birth to a very unusual world structure with a single, the United States, at the top of the international system.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) the writing of The New Republic on Jul 29, 1991.

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