So dodge the tricks of supermarkets and food producers

How the weapon you are against the marketing gimmicks of supermarkets and food producers? Teun van de keuken know. He did as a journalist for the Volkskrant and Inspection of Value a lot of knowledge about the food industry. On this basis, he wrote The supermarktsurvivalgids.

Why this book?

“Because I from personal experience know that the interests of the supermarket and people that messages do often not in synch. We want it as soon as possible, the groceries that we need, while the supermarket us as long as possible want to keep so that we buy more than we were planning. Only those who are prepared can protect yourself against the tricks of the supermarket and food producers. With this book I want readers to give you tips to make informed choices.”

How do the supermarket us in the trapping?

“First, by ensuring that we have our sense of time is lost. In a grocery store depends almost never a clock and daylight, there is also hardly. That is what seems to be the supermarket on a casino. Only wants to the supermarket you don’t let it by gambling, but by shopping. You need to be as long as possible. The longer you stay, the greater the chance that there are more groceries in your basket, and end up than you had planned.”

Is that really to our longer to keep?

“Sure! And they have even more tricks. The music is never hunted. Relax! Free coffee there at the coffee machine. That is of course not toevállig in the vicinity of the biscuits. And have you ever endlessly, to the eggs wanted? That are in every grocery store in a different, but always a totally illogical place.”

According to the Kitchen, people want as soon as possible, do the shopping, while supermarkets do their best to visitors as long as possible to keep. Copyright photo: Jonathan Herman

That is also not a coincidence?

“Haha, of course not! Eggs are a product that very often is being bought. In addition, people come there specifically for the supermarket. The longer you are looking for the eggs, the greater the chance that you end up with more than just eggs step out. In the supermarket it is permanently Easter.”

Tourist traps so?

“Exactly! My book is a travel guide for the supermarket. I am your guide and lead you from shelf to shelf to let you see what the greatest dangers, tourist traps, attractions and pitfalls. Except the verleidingstrucs of the supermarket, there are also the tricks of food producers. Reclametaal, big words on the packaging… all focused to entice you to buy. Very gehaaid.”

“Children believe what there is in advertising is said and what is there on the packaging”
Teun van de keuken

Are we really so susceptible? I can decide yet yourself, or I purchase them?

“Unfortunately, we are not as autonomous as we think or would like. Packaging with terms like ‘pure’, ‘natural’, ‘traditional’ and ‘according to grandma’s recipe’ to play in on the deeper emotions. Purely rational, we understand that advertising is a waste, but we are still tempted. We do know that the pasta sauce from Bertolli is not created by grandma’s in a huge pan to stir, but still leads a advertising in which this image is calling for a huge increase in sales. Such advertising plays on our sense of romance. If we were in the store and we see such a pack of Bertolli, we think unconsciously of that old omaatjes and sunny Italy, and then we grab that bag rather than a miserable pack of Honey. Kindermarketing is such a thing.”

Parents should have their children not just better education?

“Parents are of course responsible, but they will carry an unequal battle. Companies give tons of money to kindermarketing. That is big business. That are completely focused on children to seduce. Weapon you, as a parent, but even against it.”

How does that work then?

“Children believe what there is in advertising is said and what is on the packaging. The products that producers want children to foist – sweets, biscuits, soft drinks and other junk – always kinderooghoogte. As children, they once in the crosshairs, and they will have it. Crying, wailing, begging, raging on the ground collapse… Until you as a parent, simply and tired, gives in to their gejengel. Exactly what the manufacturer hopes for. You can, of course, stoically the irritated glances of the shoppers ignore it, but that is only for the truly great play. If you have resistance to the kindermarketingtrucs want to offer, you need to be very strong in your shoes.”

“Verpakkingstermen such as ‘traditional’, ‘authentic’ and ‘pure’ mean, never what they are in the real world”
Teun van de keuken

You have it in your book about the ‘Aliments’. What is that?

“The Aliments, is a language used by the advertising and marketing departments of food producers is spoken. The are often well bekkende terms, such as ‘traditional’, ‘authentic’ and ‘pure’. Empty terms, because they mean never what they are in the real world. Currently, ‘healthy’, ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’ trendy terms; terms that respond to the social trend of eating healthier. Take the granola bar, ‘eat natural’. That sounds healthy and the bar also looks very healthy, but sometimes as much as 30 grams of sugar per 100 grams, it is not at all. Or take ‘vitamin water’. Also that crack of the sugar.”

If there Is something against the manufacturers, we try to seduce?

“I think it does. The verleidingstrucs are almost always used to unhealthy products full of salt, sugar and fat to the man, seldom a vegetable or fruit to promote. According to professor nutrition Jaap Seidell we live in a obesogene society. On every street we are exposed to advertising that us wants to seduce dikmakende and unhealthy where to buy.”

We must therefore arm themselves?

“Precisely. That is one of the reasons to write this book; only if you know how the label reads, which names all for the sugar to be used and in what devious ways producers try to persuade their products to buy, you can you against that temptation to arm. Only then can you be as autonomous as possible, the trade-off what you have in your basket, so it is ultimately in your mouth.”

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