So do you, according to the experts the perfect cappuccino

On Saturday 1 June is the Wereldmelkdag. A good reason to make the cappuccino in the spotlight. Because how can you make such a perfect cup of coffee with creamy milk?

Nowhere is there as much coffee as in the Netherlands: 82 percent of the population drinking weekly coffee and 67 percent on a daily basis. After water it is the most popular drink, according to figures from the first National Coffee & Tea Research.

Barista Wendelien van Bunnik, winner of the Dutch Barista Championship 2019, knows that also. “Italy is for many people still, the coffee nation per excellence, but the Netherlands is that it’s just as good.”

Most popular drink in the hotel industry

Tapp, that data provides to the hospitality industry, was looking for Misset Horeca out which coffee is the most popular in restaurants and cafes. With a market share of 40 percent shows that the cappuccino.

“In Italy you will become strange to look at if you are in the afternoon cappuccino to order, in the Netherlands it can throughout the day”
Wendelien van Bunnik, winner of the Dutch Barista Championship 2019

The cappuccino originally comes from Italy, tells Of Bunnik. There, they drink it in the morning, before eleven o’clock. In the Netherlands is that according to the research of Tapp else. It appears that most Dutch people understand a cappuccino to order around noon. “In Italy you will become weird looked at as such a coffee order, but in the Netherlands it is just the whole day.”

The Italians ordered in the afternoon, no more coffee because they are often heavy dining, ” explains barista Dennis of Will. He works at Boot Coffee, where they, according to the Misset Horeca Coffee Top 100 of the best coffee of the country.

“A hot drink for Italians the solution to the food faster to digest. That is often a espresso and not coffee beverage with milk, because that slows down the verteerproces understand.”

In a cappuccino you have no sugar needed

In each country, the cappuccino is differently given, but the Specialty Coffee Association has a number of directives were adopted, tells the story Of Will. First, it contains a cappuccino is always a ‘cap’ of milk, because that is what the word cappuccino means. “The basis is always the same: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 milk foam.”

The correct espresso should you think Of Will be good by the milk can taste. Bunnik adds that it is especially good as the espresso a bit of a sweet taste. For the ‘cap’ you using fresh whole milk, they say both. This foam you at up to 70 degrees, so that the milk doesn’t burn. The taste is bitter and you don’t want that. Bunnik: “A cappuccino is of itself so sweet that you there is no sugar in need.”

What to make a cappuccino often go wrong, is that people have the coffee hot want to drink, see Bunnik. “That’s because we are so accustomed of coffee at work, or filter coffee, so you longer can do. But a steak, you serve also on the right temperature?”

Tips for making a cappuccino

  • Use a good coffee that you good because of the milk taste
  • Use a fresh fresh, or sweet tea
  • Use fresh full cream milk
  • Heat the milk not above a temperature of 70 degrees
  • Pour the milk in first six inches above the cup
  • If the cup is half-filled, pour the foam layer in

Cappuccino is difficult

Cappuccino, you serve according to Bunnik at around 65 degrees, so you can drink. The making of the drink, according to him, it is so easy not yet: “It comes to the right equipment and a lot of practice.”

There are a number of useful trucks. “Hygiene is important. Continue your work with fresh coffee and fresh milk. The foundation of a cappuccino is an espresso, which, of course, but a small cup of coffee. Therefore, it is rapidly cooled. As you advance you milk in the opschuimer pour saves time and you have at the end no lukewarm or cold coffee.”

According to Bunnik is Latte art is the icing on the cake (Photo: AFP).

Latte art is the icing on the cake

According Of Will is especially fresh whole milk important. “Whole milk contains more fat which makes the foam easier, but you also fuller foam. Many people think that sustainable milk better lather, but that is a misconception.”

Another tip is to take the milk-six inches above the cup to give the right contrast. “If you’re a cup half-filled, pour your next layer the foam in. That ensures the proper distribution of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 milk foam.”

Bunnik: “And if your vessel moves downward, then you can, for example, a heart. Latte art is, of course, the icing on the cake.”

So you make yourself a cappuccino

Ingredients: espresso, fresh full cream milk

  • Put an espresso in 25 seconds, from about 25 milliliters
  • Use fresh whole milk and heat it to 65-70 degrees
  • Make sure you get the nozzle on the side holds so that a vortex creates during the foaming. You lather about a quarter in
  • When you are finished with the foam roller you the milk to your nice side shine foam will get
  • Make sure to get the correct contrast by first 6 cm above the cup of milk to donate
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