So celebrates known the Netherlands this year the christmas party

The netherlands is fully in the christmas mood and also known the Netherlands celebrates the traditional feast. Everyone does it his or her way. So is fashion designer Nikkie Plessen in the warm Dubai and celebrates presenter Eva home cooked apple pie christmas party at his Czech. put all kerstfoto’s from the BN’ers in a row.

Sylvie Meis in a modellenpose

Stylish, as we Sylvie are used, poses the presenter for a large, lavishly decorated christmas tree.

Nikkie Plessen is celebrating a warm christmas

Fashion designer Nikkie Plessen stores a gray and gray christmas this year and celebrates with her beloved family in Dubai.

Eva home cooked apple pie celebrates christmas on Czech way

Eva home cooked apple pie celebrating christmas at her parents’, she says in a video on Instagram. They celebrate the festival for years, according to a fixed tradition, on his Czech. The food that goes with: fish soup. It also explains the talk show host why they do a lot of (christmas)pictures of her newborn son Pax, but this does not share on social media.

“That is something that never disappears and I won’t know if he wants to. I want the choice to be happy to let him. That he well this crazy mother has that on television wants to be, he can’t do.”

Geraldine Kemper choose a ‘casual’ kerstoutfit

Presenter Geraldine Kemper anything is possible, including a santa hat. Her message? “Enjoy the food, love and each other!”

Jan Versteegh share a beautiful picture from Iceland

“The sunrise here is magical”, presenter Jan Versteegh. And it shows; what a picture. No traditional christmas tree for the family Versteegh, but a moment to be jealous.

Fred van Leer is doing a selfie with santa

It is always exciting: you are good enough this year and wait there to reward a pile of presents under the tree? Stylist Fred van Leer has received the answer from santa claus himself received, so it seems on this photo. Undoubtedly a relief!

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