So celebrate well-known people of the new year

What are famous people the old year out and the new year in? put the plans of the star at a glance.

Eva home cooked apple pie does it during the new year is always quiet, because they are on new year’s day. “But the more time I have to make my sins to ponder, and most of all, my list of good intentions to build”, says the presenter on Instagram.

One of those intentions is more likely to be on time. “It’s a little bit because I ever had a novel I read, The girl’s guide to hunting and fishing,” says home cooked apple pie. “It is the main character, a young woman, a relationship with an older man. She is always late, and he says to her: ‘If you come too late, you give people the feeling that they are not important’. And I read that and I thought: that is also about me. This has been years ago and I still have not really have done, but in 2019 I’m going to do something.”

Gerard Joling celebrates, as he does so often, a holiday in Curaçao, where it is five hours later in 2019 than in the Netherlands. The singer is already well in the mood and share a video in which he was a crazy little dance you do at the pool. “We’re going dancing, 2019. It is yet to vultures,” writes Joling.


Joling is dancing the new year in Curaçao

Roxeanne Hazes look on Instagram back in an “intense and beautiful” years. As she stood with her band at Eurosonic Noorderslag, she was mother of son Fender, she received her first Edison award, and she did two tours. “Plenty of ups and unfortunately also a lot of downs, but what, this year was intense and beautiful.” She promises to be in 2019 with new music to come.

The show of Ryanne van Dorst looks less cheerful. The singer and presenter is ill, please notify them on social media. “Fak dis. Four tonight but without me. See you in 2019. I tell once again what is fun to do.”

Lieke van Lexmond is preparing from Mauritius, where she and her family, for a ‘dive’, as she writes in a picture of them on the beach.

Also , john Smith resides with his family in abroad. Moreover, it celebrates the singer Monday, his 33rd birthday. “From here, I wish everyone a fantastic 2019 wishes,” writes Smith from Abu Dhabi.

Sylvie Meis is also situated in the foreign country: she is with her new love Bart Willemsen in Miami, is to see on Instagram. Meis confirmed earlier this month her love for Willemsen, a film producer.

Also Douwe Bob celebrates the new year with his alleged new lover. The singer is in Goa (India), where he was a video recorded for his followers. “Dear people, I want to wish you all a happy new year wishes. I hope you have a very nice 2018 have had, I certainly do. I am in Goa on the beach and it’s very nice here. Kisses, I love you.”

Arie Boomsma tells his followers not what his plans are for new year’s eve, but she gives a number of tips for goals to keep in 2019: make your goal specific, concentrate on the positive and keep it small. “And will it still go wrong? Just immediately start again,” says Boomsma. “Give to the disappointment not have the space to find a rhythm.”

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