Sneijder had as a man, nothing but problems with ‘top trainer’ Van Gaal

Sneijder had as a man, nothing but problems with ‘top trainer’ Van Gaal

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Wesley Sneijder looks on a personal level, not a good return on his collaboration with Louis van Gaal. The 126-fold international calls the former national coach, however, “tactical and technical field, the best there is”.

“I have always said that there is no better trainer than Van Gaal. Only in dealing with players and also with the staff, I think there is still something to win for him,” says the 32-year-old Sneijder against FOX Sports.

“With him as a trainer, I have a perfect time, because it was the most fun training sessions. But in personal conversations, I have nothing but problems with him.”

Sneijer and Van Gaal reached in 2014 with the Orange in the semi-finals of the world cup in Brazil, where Argentina only after penalty kicks to a strong pale. The midfielder of Galatasaray, was on that tournament for sure of a move, but in the qualification he was less confident.

Van Gaal took Sneijder even his aanvoerdersband and put question marks on his fitness. More than two years later, acknowledges Accusations that he physically indeed not top. “I was not fit. But how is that when all is gone, I have my question. Had it all to do with my physical condition? I don’t think so.”


In personal talks between Van Gaal and Sneijder was also not always fun to see the midfielder not necessarily as something negative.

“Maybe it was time to get nasty against each other. I said to him: “You need me in Brazil.’ When he was hard to laugh. But in retrospect, he has made me had the need” to realize Sneijder, who in the eighth finals of the world cup just prior to the time the 1-1 was against Mexico.

After the world cup was Van Gaal started work at Manchester United. After two seasons he had there last summer are making way for José Mourinho. Since then, he has no club more.

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