Snakebitten snake thieves? The stolen boa constrictor, may have a mark on the suspects and the owner of the store says

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As the owner of an exotic pet shop in Missouri, was of the opinion that the two women who allegedly stole a three-to four-metre-long “aggressive” species in the world, and the whole of the cage — from the store on Sunday may have been bitten by the snake.

Jim Brumley, owner of the Exotic Amphibian and Reptile Center in Lemay, Mo., said, that two women in their 30’s came out on Sunday looking to purchase a large species of rodent. They are said to be at a place on a 2-year-old Columbian red-tailed boa constrictor in a plastic cage, and the female salesperson wasn’t looking.


A boa constrictor is seen at a San Diego, Calif., Sept. 19, 2014. (The Associated Press)

“The girl that was working said that she realized that she picked it up and went to the outside as the car drove away, she heard someone yell,” Brumley told FOX 2 in St. In st. Louis, to explain why he thinks that the two thieves had most likely been bitten by a large snake if for some reason they are gone.

“It was not to be tamed,” Brumley said, in the Pc. Louis Post-Dispatch. “It was just really aggressive and it may bite you.”

The pet store owner does not believe that women could be seriously compromised, as this species has teeth like that of an adult, and with the breath, “it scares you more than anything.”

Brumley said that the snake was on sale for $149 in the store. He said the theft hit him hard as he tried to get you to pay for the repairs of his shop after a fire last year. The owner has put his things in two separate trailers on the go.

“It’s disturbing, because they are in a place that’s so small,” Brumley told FOX 2. “A lot of times we struggle to keep things going the way it is.”


Brumley submitted a report to the Pc. Louis County Police department, and was reported in other pet shops and owners are of the so-called theft, in the case of the women, trying to sell the big tubes. It is a felony to steal an animal in the state of Missouri. Brumley conceded that its surveillance cameras were damaged in the fire, so to capture the crime on video.

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