‘Snake-man’ Rensenbrink was a “man of the ball in the post’

Rob Rensenbrink, will lead to his own horror, will always be ” the man with the ball in the post to continue. The classy left) died Friday at the age of 72, on the impact of the disease PSMA.

The extra time has just begun in the city of Buenos Aires, argentina, where the Netherlands is, like, four years earlier in Germany, in the final of the world cup is. It’s not just some friendly Argentina at the Estadio Monumental for the opposing team. The position is a 1-to-1.

The orange switch, once more, in the hope that the world cup final of 1978, even before the expiry of the normal time to make the decision. One long pull at the front, on the ride of your life. The ball is just under the Argentine goalkeeper and a defender to go.

Rensenbrink was the most alert and in a final effort of his shoe at the ball. The post is a certain resemblance to another win in the road. The extension isn’t able to cope at home. Road to world cup dream come true. The way heldenstatus Rensenbrink.

“I had my foot to the ball and hit the post. Least I could do,” said the 46-way international, for more than two years ago and against the RUN. “I’m sure it wasn’t a real chance. Well, that post over and over again that post. It will be until the day I die continue to do so.”

The career of Rob Rensenbrink photos

The Dutch national team before the world cup final in 1978, all the way to the right, seated, Rob Rensenbrink.
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Rensenbrink during the Holland-Italy in the world cup in 1978.
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The attacker had a well in 1974, and in 1978, it is a basic place in the final of the world cup.
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Rensenbrink wore the player number 12 during the world cup in 1978.
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Rensenbrink scored a dozen times for the Dutch team.
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In 1976 and 1978, and won Rensenbrink in the european Cup II with Anderlecht.
© Getty Images

He has played 46 times for the Dutch national team.
© BrunoPress

Rensenbrink (right, seated), in 2018, during a visit to Anderlecht. The Belgian club, he celebrated his biggest success to date.
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Rensenbrink (on the left) by 2018, with a former team-mate of the Neighbourhoods.
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The best ever player from Anderlecht

But Rensenbrink was a lot more than the guy from the missed chance in the final of the world cup. In particular, in Belgium, came to the left of a legendary status. With Club Brugge, the team where he started in 1969 to the picture, he was due to be graceful what about spot’s nickname, “the snake-man’.

Anderlecht will be for the club to continue. Rensenbrink played with it for ten years, was a two-time champion, who won the european Cup II in which he was both to score, and in a further four times and the Belgian cup to hold them up.

It is significant, therefore, chosen as the best player ever, from Anderlecht, on the occasion of the celebration of a hundred years clubbestaan in 2008. He showed, for example, clubicoon, Paul Van Himst behind him. “It’s a tremendous honor to be chosen to be the best player of all time,” said the ever-modest Rensenbrink at the time. “Sure, as you can see, I have an icon as Of Himst work.”

On a Dutch football club

The old DWS that ” there was never a Dutch club came out, it is not far-fetched. The interest was there, but we’re going to have had in these years, and still is, Coen Moulijn, on the left-hand side, while Ajax was totally on Pete Emperor’s confidence in him. MANU was not yet so powerful, that it is a “luxury”, as Rensenbrink was able to afford it. Abroad, it was, in fact, the only logical option.

To the left was played in 1979 in his 46th and final international match. He made a total of fourteen goals scored for the Dutch team, including three of them in the world cup match with Iran (3-0) in the spring of 1978. He is still the only Dutch with a hat-trick in a world cup.

A serious injury led him, in 1981, as a player, of the city and to stop to eat lunch. Rensenbrink was trying to be a trainer, but it should have a name. Rather, he looked to the races of the children.

Rensenbrink was suffering after a career as a professional footballer, then a largely anonymous life. Well, except for a large number of Belgians, some of which have even written a little, on the front steps, stood for a signature.

In 2012, it was Rensenbrink that the disease, PSMA noted, is a disease that is very similar to THE. For more than forty years after this particular ball on top of the pillar, it is the ‘snake-man’ is no more.

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