Smith gets after receiving world CHAMPIONSHIPS-bronze hard to ‘lax’ IAAF and IOC

Smith gets after receiving world CHAMPIONSHIPS-bronze hard to ‘lax’ IAAF and IOC

Rutger Smith Saturday night in the Olympic Stadium in London to demand the bronze world CHAMPIONSHIP medal in the shot put, which he did in 2007 due to doping of a competitor misliep. But that’s according to the 36-year-old athlete is still a long off.

“It was, of course, ten years ago, as should have been,” said Smith after the ceremony. “Or else four years ago. In 2013 it was already known that I bronze had to have it. This comes too late.”

Smith is one of the many athletes in London is still a paste, after dopingzondaars from the results are removed from previous world cup’s. In his case, was that the White-Rus Andrei Mikhnevich, who is in Osaka bronze won as kogelstoter. Smith was fourth, but moved after a lifetime suspension for Mikhnevich, go to the podium.

It was not the first time that Smith, who also had much success as a discus thrower, a medal in the first instance misliep by a dopingzondaar. It happened to him already two times at a european CHAMPIONSHIP. The Dutchman fears that other athletes in the future the same fate awaits, because the international athletics federation IAAF no clean ship.

“I think that the IAAF, the IOC (International Olympic Committee, ed.) and WADA (the International anti-doping organization, ed.) lax. They are now trying step for the dopingproblemen to solve, but it is better to be all wrong in a time out to throw. Then you can start to build.”

Smith receives world CHAMPIONSHIPS-bronze 2007




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Smith is, therefore, with a mission to London came. He wants to during the world cup with the directors in conversation. “I’m not here only to get my medal, but also to what lines to throw out. Something must be done, otherwise, go to the athletics broke down. Sponsors walk away now.”

The Groninger see in the fight against doping is a role for themselves. “There needs to be a clean vessel and young blood in the atletiekorganisaties. I am here to make a bold statement. I love my sport and am not afraid to things to appoint.”

Incidentally, Smith is not yet stopped playing sports, he was already already a long time on the side by a elleboogblessure. He wants at least another year to continue, but he hopes that to be able to do at the administrative level.

“Because through my years of experience, a good basic to have, I do less training. In that extra free time, I hope next year to already have a foot in the door to get in, whether that be in the IAAF, WADA or the Dutch Atletiekunie. Again, there must be what happen. Our sport should not break down.”

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