Smartphonefabrikant HTC creeps not yet out of the valley

Smartphonefabrikant HTC creeps not yet out of the valley

Smartphonemaker HTC has in the past quarter a net loss of 3.6 billion Taiwan dollars (95 million euros). Thus, the company continues to perform poorly.

This is evident from figures for the fourth financial quarter of 2016. The loss is slightly lower than the same quarter in 2015. When there was a net loss of 4.1 billion Taiwanese dollars reported.

There was significantly more loss than a quarter earlier, when there are 2 billion Taiwanese dollar loss was recognized.

The revenue of HTC fell to 22.2 billion Taiwanese dollars (677 million euros), the same amount as a quarter earlier. A year ago, the sales still 25.7 billion Taiwanese dollars.

Heavy weather

HTC is struggling already with disappointing figures. This would be partly caused by declining smartphone sales. In 2013, the company’s first loss. The company recently announced less smartphones in 2017 to release.

HTC would suffer from competitors Samsung and Apple, the market for premiumtelefoons largely control. Chinese companies such as Huawei are getting more and more market share, for example, with cheaper devices.

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