“Smart” clothing that can boost wearable tech: the Singapore investigators

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Researchers in Singapore have invented ‘smart’ clothing, which they say can encourage the signs and save a life-the battery life of wireless devices such as bluetooth headsets and smart watches.

The invention, called a “metamaterial” of radio waves, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, in order to slip on apparel by wearable devices, instead of radiating outwards in all directions.

This means the integration of sensors and hand-held technology, such as Apple Watches and the AirPods are able to establish stronger connections more quickly and it will save you energy, researchers at the National University of Singapore, he said.

“This T-shirt enhances the wireless connectivity of the devices in my body by a 1,000 times,” said assistant professor John Ho, putting on a sports shirt is punctuated with a comb-shaped strips, the metamaterial fabric.

Hey, who oversaw a 10-member team that has developed the technology over the course of a year, he said that it could be used to measure the vital signs of athletes or patients.

Also, it can hold the signals, the more secure the transmission of sensitive information closely related to the body and away from potential eavesdroppers on the radio waves, the scientists said.

The Singapore team, we’ve obtained a provisional patent on the design of the fabric can be washed, dried, and folded like a piece of clothing, and they only cost a couple of dollars per meter to be produced.

Reporting Yiming Woo; Writing by John Geddie; Editing by Karishma Singh and Darren Schuettler

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