Smart cameras, on the German station should hazard recognize

Smart cameras, on the German station should hazard recognize

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At the train station Südkreuz in Berlin are special security cameras, tested, with software automatically danger to try to recognize.

That reports the Berliner Morgenpost. Later this year, is a pilot project, to increase the efficiency of the security system to the test.

Beeldherkenningssoftware is constantly looking for suspicious objects and behavior. So see the cameras, for example, if a suitcase long in one place, so that staff can be informed.

The cameras are also seeking to pickpockets, to see which individuals often walk back and forth. The system can make people distinguish with the help of face recognition.

In addition, the walls in the holes to sound the alarm if graffiti is applied. There are a total of eighty cameras are used.

The cameras will be tested in practice, where teams also certain situations will mimic. So it can be examined how fast the software, for example, an attack may identify, without this actually need to occur.

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