Smart algorithm Facebook simulates human facial expressions

Smart algorithm Facebook simulates human facial expressions

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Facebook has a smart algorithm trained on human facial expressions to mimic.

With smart software, researchers from the company’s hundreds of videos of Skype calls is studied. The algorithm has as independently “learned” how the facial expressions of people change during calls.

In the future, algorithm can be used to virtual and physical robots in a more natural facial expression to give, write the researchers of Facebook in an academic paper about their work.

Facebook trained the algorithm to respond to the person on the other end of a Skype call. If that person laughs, the virtual Facebook-bot, for example, can smile.

What the Facebook-software ‘sees’


But the Facebook-bot can’t make out specific emotions to mimic or respond to the content of conversations. It is also unclear how realistic the Facebook algorithm in practice would feel.

“Real facial expressions based on what you think and feel,” says researcher antje marie hippin Gordon of Tel Aviv University at New Scientist. Gordon was not involved in the research of Facebook.

In their paper, acknowledge the researchers of Facebook that there is still work to be done. Similarly, individual profiles can be made for bots with different personalities, which, for example, more or less excited about people.

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