Small drones can stock in warehouse inventory

Small drones can stock in warehouse inventory

Photo: MIT

A research team from MIT has developed a system that allows small drones can be used for inventories in warehouses to inventory.

Drones that are used for the inventory of a warehouse, equipped with a RFID-scanner. Those scanners send the corresponding numbers of a product to a receiver.

The RFID tags can be read, is normally a heavy-duty scanner is needed. Magazijndrones would therefore be quite large.

The researchers from MIT have developed a device that the signal from the RFID reader re-transmits, and reports the technical university. The reader may, therefore, remain on the ground and the drones will be equipped with a smaller device. A smaller drone may be closer to the products in a warehouse, which makes the scan more accurate.

The new solution, called Rfly, according to The Verge tested in a warehouse of a retail chain in Massachusetts. The drones are still piloted by people, but in the long term they should become autonomous. That should work, saving, and also ensure that people are not on ladders or having to stand up to hard-to-reach RFID tags to scan.

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