Slice is looking to send the fans at the Ahoy centre at the european CHAMPIONSHIP in volleyball in the Netherlands

Basketball player He Slice is looking forward to the start of the european CHAMPIONSHIP in volleyball, last week for the Orange, starting with a game against Montenegro. The netherlands has already been groepsduels in their own country, and it seems to definitely be in Rotterdam to be able to count on a great deal of support.

For the matches against Montenegro and the Ukraine (sa), more than five thousand tickets were sold. On Sunday, the Ahoy centre is completely sold out for the match of the Orange against the reigning world champion, in Poland, which makes about eleven thousand fans in the stands will be seated.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to, so a lot of the people I have played volleyball,” says the 22-year-old Glue in a interview with NUsport. “That is the support of the hometown audience and can help you to get even just a little bit more, and it definitely gives a boost.”

The CHAMPIONSHIP will be played in the Netherlands, Belgium, luxembourg, France, germany, and Italy. The Oranjemannen may be up to and including the quarter-finals in their own country, as they have so far. This is the first time since 1997, a european CHAMPIONSHIP in volleyball for men in the Netherlands will be completed.

“That’s what makes this tournament will definitely be special,” says Slice, who was born in 1997. “And it gives us a home advantage compared to our opponents, even though it is only for the fact that she is in the Netherlands, the need to travel, and we’re in the car or had to step out to go to Rotterdam.”

Actually Paste starting in on his second CHAMPIONSHIP. ()

Volleyball players hope to be over to catch up

The volleyball players are hoping for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and is a good follow up to a strong world cup from the year-ago period. The Oranjemannen won at the world championships in Italy, Bulgaria, after a number of lean years, including olympic champions Brazil, and ended up in eighth. This was the best result at a world CHAMPIONSHIP since six in 1998.

“There are an increasing number of Dutch boys in the top leagues, so, you know, gradually we have an Orange is also getting better and better going to play a game of volleyball,” according to the place of last year’s world CHAMPIONSHIPS, the selection was over. “Our hope is that we are going to show up.”

In the European championship, which will be Orange in 1997, and for the last time, which was conquered, it seems to have gone too far. Head coach Roberto Piazza, who at the beginning of this year, and the jobs took over the role of Gido Vermeulen, said on Thursday that his team should be able to get the chance to catch up.

“We are in a great preparation have had,” says the Plaque. “Our goal is to be as good as possible for the group to be the first, or second, it should be able to do – and then we’ll see just how far we have come in the knock-out stages.”

According to the middenblokkeerder there is, however, what has changed to Amber due to the change in the Dutch Followed at the Italian restaurant, Piazza. “With Gido, it was very tactical and a bit more focused on the opponent, while the Name is mostly of its own power turns off. Ha, and now there is a little more Italian passion. If you make a commitment to comply, and let The, you, that, in the Italian language to know.”

Programs in Orange in the group stage european cup

  • 13-9-20: 00: the Netherlands-Montenegro (los angeles)
  • 14-9, 16: 00 Netherlands-Ukraine (los angeles)
  • 15-9, 16: 00, the Netherlands, Poland (los angeles)
  • 17-9 20: 00: the Netherlands-Estonia (Amsterdam, the netherlands)
  • 18-9, 20: 00 hrs: Germany-Czech republic Amsterdam, the netherlands)

European cup match in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, the netherlands

The Oranjemannen to play in the group stage against Montenegro, Ukraine, Poland, Czech republic, Estonia and the Czech republic. The games against the latter two countries in the cultural Halls-South, the following week, on Tuesday and Wednesday of the month. Poland is the only country that is higher than in the Netherlands in the European league table.

The team is just the first of four for the round robin to finish at the eighth-finals to pick it up. The netherlands will play in reaching the last sixteen in the Netherlands. The potential semi-final of the Orange, it is in the area of the place. In the semi-finals in Paris, the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, and in the final, which takes place in Paris, france.

The netherlands will begin the european CHAMPIONSHIP on Friday at 20: 00 with the match against Montenegro.

European CHAMPIONSHIPS, selection of the Netherlands

Spelverdelers: Wessel Keemink, Gijs van Solkema
Passer/runners: Maarten van Garderen, Thijs ter Horst, Gijs Jorna, Ewoud Gommans
In the middle: Luuc van der Ent, Actually all over the place, Michael Parkinson
Diag: Sjoerd Hoogendoorn, Nimir Abdelaziz Him to the Custom
Libero’s , Just Dronkers, Robbert Andringa

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