Sleep quality of children is related to insomnia of mother

Sleep quality of children is related to insomnia of mother

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Children who have a mother that insomnia-symptoms, have also often suffer from a poor night’s sleep.

This is evident from a survey carried out among slightly less than 200 Swiss primary-school children and their parents, conducted by the university of Basel and the university of Warwick, published in Sleep Medicine.

Of these children, in the age of seven to twelve years old, was by EEC equipment the activity in the brain during the sleep registered. The parents were asked about the quality of their sleep. They also had to indicate how their children usually slept.

When the mother frequently bad (in)sleep, the sleep of her child also often shorter, or they are sleeping more difficult. There was no relationship found between insomnia symptoms of the father and a possible bad night’s sleep of the child.

Bad atmosphere

A reason may be that Swiss mothers, on average, more time with their child to spend than the fathers. Also take children, often with the aim of their parents. A bad atmosphere within the family can also sleep in danger, such as a familieruzie that just before bedtime take place.

Finally, would parents with little sleep may be generally less well-the sleep of their child(ren) monitors.


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