Skype risk a fine in Belgium for refusal to share gespreksinhoud

Skype risk a fine in Belgium for refusal to share gespreksinhoud

Skype, owned by Microsoft, there is the risk in Belgium to a fine of 48,000 euros, because the company the content of the specific call and video calls do not want to share with the authorities.

In 2012, asked the Belgian authorities Skype information to hand over calls between two users. Skype, provided e-mail addresses, account information, and IP addresses. The content of livegesprekken supplied Skype does not, however, because, according to the company is not technically possible, reports the Belgian newspaper De Morgen.

Skype parent company Microsoft cites in addition the privacy of the citizens. “This case raises important questions with regard to the extent to which the government legal access to personal data of citizens”, the company said.

According to the company, it’s sure not tied to the Belgian telecommunications legislation, because the headquarters are in Luxembourg and it is also no staff or infrastructure in Belgium.

The Belgian TO have progressed already to a fine of 48,000 euros. The defense wants this claim to be inadmissible is declared. The ruling follows on 13 October.

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