Skeptics, Pelosi says that they remain: “I can take the heat’

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Behind Democrats, ” turn on Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi led the Democrats in the house of representatives for more than 15 years, and now more and more of the Democrats say that they support you, if you conquered the party the majority in November. Plus, the ‘Manhattan Madam’ Kristin Davis says before the Mueller investigation of the grand jury. #Tucker

WASHINGTON— Nancy Pelosi is the boss-villain of the Republican campaign. The leaders of some of the Democrats promise to vote against it. The subject of much speculation that their grip on power to an end.

Nevertheless, she says, she is everywhere — and certainly not while the President of Donald Trump in the White house.

“Not over everything, a great excitement, it is policy,” Pelosi said in a 35-minute telephone interview with The Associated Press. “I can take the heat and that is why I stay in the kitchen.”

Push back on those who say, its leading position is threatened, Pelosi all but dared her critics to imagine that every other house is a Democrat sitting on the table, to negotiate with trump.

“I have a following in the country that is second to none, from anyone, unless you are running for President,” Pelosi said.

Trump and the Republicans are eager to go to see you, she said, “and I’m just not going to let you do that.”

To win with Democrats bullish the house majority, Pelosi is already set at the beginning of a detailed early-day agenda, which could be set in motion in January. The clean up of the corruption, the reduction of the costs for health care and the provision of a larger paycheck, Pelosi AP said the Democrats would push the legislation brought about the background checks for gun purchases, and legal status for young immigrants to this country illegally, often referred to as “dreamers.”

“We are ready,” she said.

But Pelosi back to the speakership if Democrats triumph, is far from secure.

Dozens of Democrats — candidates and some legislators — say they will not return, creating an unprecedented surge for the new leadership.

“I think we are in different habitats, and now,” said Rep. Tim Ryan, Ohio Democrat, won about a third of the Democrats during a private group to vote, if he mounted a symbolic challenge against Pelosi two years ago. “It is time to turn the tide.”

But Pelosi, in the face of rebellions from the ranks, especially after the Democrats lost control of the house after the tea party Republican wave of 2010. Who is your out — and many of them try to show her to the outputs, under-estimate your stamina.

“It is immodest of me to say, but I say to the women now, Just go for it.’ Tell them why you think you are the best person to do this job,” she said. “I want you to be a role model to say exactly, ‘Don’t run away from a fight.’ If you think you’re the only one, which should it be, you make the fight.”

It is not so, that other Democrats have not tried to replace it. Pelosi’s top Lieutenant, democratic whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland, has long coveted “top job”, the waiting time Pelosi for his moment to hold the hammer He has the support of colleagues, as a “bridge” to the next generation of leadership.

Assistant democratic leader Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, let it be known recently that he is also ready to take the helm, if Pelosi falls short, the legislature says. This prospect is attractive to many Democrats, as he would be the first African-American speaker.

And younger lawmakers, including the 45-year-old Ryan, not the door to run. Some say it is time for a clean sweep, and replace the 78-year-old Pelosi with the 79-year-old Hoyer-or 78-year-old Clyburn is not the generation, of the Democratic caucus wants.

“Many new people came and said, ‘Look, do I have 30 years before I was stuck me in the leadership of the group?’ “the Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., anyone who sees Clyburn’s potential bid as being particularly influential in the implementation of voices from the Congressional Black Caucus in the game. The Chairman of the CBC, Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., likely support Clyburn, if he is running for speaker.

The complaints against Pelosi is not necessarily the stem cells from your firm grip on the caucus — she is known for directly with the legislators, with what she calls her “mother of five voice.” But their long term remained little room for the up-and-comers, and their visibility has become a liability for some Democrats.

The Republicans have millions poured into vilifying Pelosi in ads, some 13 million U.S. dollars, says so far this election cycle, the house GOP campaign arm, Pelosi “top argument” for the election of more Republicans.

As more and more Democratic candidates and lawmakers stare down campaign ads Pelosi, some are pledging to vote against you. When the cameras turn off during the speaker vote, as soon as the new Congress enters in January, it is hard to see how some of them will be able to belt out the name, “Pelosi.”

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., a vocal advocate for the new leadership, looks to be more of a changing of the guard as a riot. “I did not say you grab the torch from your hands and kick them down the stairs,” she said in an interview.

The missing piece of the furious behind-the-scenes chatter about Pelosi, the future is an obvious successor. Some of the leaders in the stand after the move, and a legislator who had seen waiting, as a possible replacement, Rep. Joe Crowley, the recently, New York lost the primary, Junior Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“It is a race can not candidacy, when no one has declared their own,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, Pelosi, moved for a “mothers ” summit” in Houston-the district this month, 600 people. Some of them presented you the chance to snap selfies with Pelosi. “She was not an unhappy camper, she was happy and satisfied.”

Democrats are not willing to fight to the start of the new Congress in January with a stick on the speakership, if you are newly in force.

And many Democrats say that, with an unprecedented number of women running for office, “it would be very unceremonial back to the first woman speaker of the house, the house that lead us from victory to victory — and to not have to be your speaker,” said first-term Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif.

“If we win the house, I think, Nancy, but there is a transition at some point,” the Silicon Valley Congressman said.

Pelosi admits they will not cause that house Democrats forever, and if she retakes the Hammer is there as part of a transition to a next generation of leadership.

Two years ago, she was ready to go out in retirement, when Hillary Clinton in the White house. But if Trump won, they felt to stay forced to — “a four-year extension,” as she puts it — for the protection of the Affordable Care Act, banking reform and the party’s other services.

“We think that the fate of the nation is at stake,” she said.

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