Size scandal in Belgian pig slaughterhouse still unclear

Size scandal in Belgian pig slaughterhouse still unclear

It remains unclear how many Dutch keurslagers meat sold that had come from the because of great abuses now disused slaughterhouse in the Belgian Tielt.

Joep Klaver, director of the Association of Keurslagers, says at this moment not to say what the exact number of keurslagers with meat from the Flemish abattoir.

“We do not have single sourcing for our members, they do it all myself.” One pig farmer, who for about sixty keurslagers worked, left a part of his animals in Tielt slaughter. How long this was being worked on, also varies per butcher.

Images of the cruel methods of slaughter brought Thursday a huge shock change in Belgium and the Netherlands. The organization Animal Rights, the abuses revealed, discovered that a number of Dutch keur – and kwaliteitsslagerijen meat from Tielt involved, who included a royal warrant holder.


Also Clover is very unhappy with the way in Tielt is being worked on. “That such abuses in this type of companies to avoid is unfortunate, because this mess things up for the artisan butchers who make a conscious choice for a sustainable type of meat. Clarification about this type of abuses and the banning of this are a must.”

Thieme wants cctv cameras in every slaughterhouse after abuses Belgium

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn sold the meat does not, as was the Dutch supermarket Friday know, although this company, just like the Belgian Delhaize is part of the group, Ahold. In Flanders, Delhaize, however, a major purchaser of the pig slaughterhouse in Tielt.

In the exportslachthuis in Tielt 1.4 million pigs per year gender, which represents about 25.000 to 35.000 per week. The slaughterhouse is part of the Debra-Group, one of the largest slaughter and production of pork meat in Belgium.

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