Six people are alive, rescued in avalanche-buried hotel Italy

Six people are alive, rescued in avalanche-buried hotel Italy

Photo: CNSAS

There are now six survivors found in the under an avalanche buried a hotel. Parks have signs that there are more survivors under the hotel as a consequence of an avalanche is collapsed. As reports news agency AP.

The not-yet-confirmed reports of more survivors provide hope on survivors.

After the discovery of six living persons this morning came this afternoon, messages to the outside that there are still two found. That last message seems not correct: there are a total of six people found. Two survivors are all under the debris facts. A civilian employee, says that the reddingwerkers to the other four also have to pick from.

By the discovery of the survivors the employee says that there is ‘further hope’ is the survival of the other missing persons.

Thursday night made reddingwerkers known the search for survivors. “There is always hope. Without hope, would the rescuers not all give what they can,” said the head of the rescue operation. The team will “do everything possible in the night”. It is feared that many of the people in the hotel, the avalanche not have survived.

According to local authorities, there were approximately thirty people, including two children, in the hotel at the time of the avalanche. The only two survivors were outside the hotel when the avalanche, the hotel became.

Survivors avalanche of Italy under snow facts


Persistent snowfall in the region makes the work difficult. Also, there is still the possibility of aftershocks. “It is a very tricky rescue operation.”

The hotel is almost completely destroyed. Some of the towers ‘ gables and windows were the only visible parts of the building after the avalanche. “It is an unprecedented tragedy”, the Italian minister of Health to know.

The avalanche took place in the area by a series of earthquakes was startled. The hit hotel is called Rigopiano and is located in Farindola, in the province of Pescara.

Hotel in Italy-buried by avalanche

A hotel in the Italian mountains is Wednesday night hit by an avalanche.
© Vigili del Fuoco

The lobby of the Hotel Rigopiano is buried under the snow and rubble.
© Hollandse Hoogte

The snow is high and reaches the windows of the building.
© Hollandse Hoogte

Using helicopters to rescue personnel reach the hotel.
© Vigili del Fuoco

Rescue workers dig themselves a way through the snow.

A car of the Italian Protezione Civile is covered with snow.

Rescue workers driving through metre-high snow to the hotel.
© Polizia di Stato

The hit hotel is located in the place in Farindola, in the province of Pescara.

A man is by the Italian police, to the outside helped.

Two cars are upside down by the sudden avalanche of Wednesday night.

A rescue worker going to the snow-buried hotel.

On this photo it is easy to see that the hotel is in inhospitable area.

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