Six months is allocated to the A$AP Rocky, a rapper is allowed to sentence the freedom to wait and see

The prosecutor’s office in Sweden on Friday to six months in jail, to be claimed over A$AP Rocky for assault of a nineteen-year-old man on the streets of Stockholm, sweden. Also, he may have the punishment in the freedom to wait and see.

The attorney for the rapper sent out to community service but the prosecutor’s office is not practical, and it is said that this is due to the nature of the violence as a way of punishment, it would have been. The prosecutor demands six months in jail, after a comparison of similar cases to have made it thus Expresses.

Friday night, at the end of the third hearing will be, it was clear that A$AP Rocky, the decision of freedom can be seen. The court ruled on the 14th of August, about his fate.

Release of shared self-images of the incident

A$AP Rocky, who actually is Rakim Mayers, is called, was, at the beginning of July in Sweden, was arrested after a video emerged that showed that he was a man, punched and kicked. The incident took place on the 30th of June in Stockholm, sweden. Also, he is, since he’s stuck.

Pictures of the thirty years ‘ tradition, itself, on social media is shared, it is time to see how he’s tried to pick a fight to appease. Two of the men are already for some time in front of Mayers and his entourage to walk in, despite the fact that the group of men had been asked to stop.

It is said that one of the men, a pair of headphones have broken at the back of my mind, of a day of the release, and then the battle ended. Social media footage of the fight is shared. Then it was time to see how the group of men came.

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He blends in with the case

The Us president when He was recently in a conversation with Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven to discuss the release of A$AP Rocky to negotiate. The Swedish authorities have decided, however, is that the quicker the process is, in captivity, have to wait and see. He expressed his dissatisfaction on Twitter and decided to have a representative of his government, to Sweden, to steer, to act as a mediator.

TMZ reports that Trump, for the Swedish authorities, claimed that the rapper and his entourage are to be transferred to the hotel. This request was denied, which, it has been reported that there is no other country ever had a similar request has been made.

A$AP Rocky is released from prison and on his way home to the United States from Sweden. It was a Rocky Week, get home, ASAP, A$AP!

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