Six deaths in one day, in protest against the burgerschapswet in India

In protest against the controversial burgerschapswet in the India on Friday for six deaths and dozens of people were injured. Thousands of protesters took to the streets against a law that is islamic, undocumented migrants are not entitled to citizenship, but others do.

Since the 11th of december and the restless, in India, after the controversial bill through the house of lords guide took. The current protests are the largest in India since the hindoenationalistische Narendra Modi prime minister in 2014.

In several parts of South-east Asian country did the collisions take place between the ordetroepen and the discursive citizen. In order for the protest to go on the mobile internet in different parts of Uttar Pradesh, india, to a Saturday off. Even in the capital city of New Delhi, it is the internet, in a variety of areas inaccessible, are made.

In particular, the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh, a state in which the tensions between the muslims and the hindus can be very high, it was Friday, the clashes between the citizens and the ordetroepen get out of hand. Six people were killed and 32 others were injured, according to the politiehoofd of the state.

In New Delhi, went out after the Friday prayers in the main mosque, the Jama Masjid, thousands of people take to the streets in spite of the current samenscholingsverbod. The protesters were waving in the mosque with the Indian flag and had to make copies of the Indian constitution, while the police and the security forces outside the mosque, waiting there. Of the 34 people would be caught.

Protesters chant slogans and hold signs with the image of Mahatma Gandhi up as a cultural icon of india’s struggle for independence, that the harmony between religions in India, ahead (Picture: Reuters).

‘The law is undermining the secular constitution’

The protesters fear that the brand new burgerschapswet to the secular character of the Indian constitution, and to undermine and racist it is. The law will make it easier for undocumented immigrants in India who are not muslim are to be of the Indian nationality to apply. 14% of Indians are muslims. This percentage has been substantially lower ever since the partition of Pakistan and India have a massive and collective traumatic mass migration brought about in 1947.

In the past few months, tensions between muslims and hindus had been displaced by a series of decisions of the hindoenationalistische by the government. So, took Modi to the Pakistan in the disputed state of Kashmir its autonomous status, and there was a hindu temple, built for the Indian muslims is a very sensitive area.

The police are looking at a burning car during a protest in Bulandshahar (Picture: Reuters).

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