Sites with medical information place cookies without permission’

Sites with medical information place cookies without permission’

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Several prominent Dutch gezondheidswebsites place advertising cookies without the visitor’s permission.

That discovered the Consumers ‘ association in a sample of twenty web sites. None of the sites kept the law, which prescribes that certain types of cookies are only placed in may be, if the user permission is given.

By placing the so-called tracking cookies would advertisers and marketers can come to learn that people search for information about a particular disease.

The websites of Alzheimer Nederland, the Dutch heart foundation, the be longfonds and general sites like Gezondheidsnet and Dokterdokter places cookies before visitors have given their consent, the Consumer.

According to the organization responded the most site owners are shocked when they were confronted with this finding. They have promised their websites to adapt.


From the sample showed that six of the twenty sites an unencrypted connection. That makes it possible for attackers a lot easier to see which pages someone visits.

Incidentally in Brussels and have been working on a revision of the cookie law. The European Commission wants to make it easier for internet users to use their browser settings in one time, the placement of all sensitive cookies.

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