Site Report Crime Anonymously violated the privacy act with volgcookies

Site Report Crime Anonymously violated the privacy act with volgcookies

The site of the Dutch foundation Report Crime Anonymously used volgcookies, which allows visitors to not so anonymous, thought as they thought.

That discovered RTL News. On the site of the eponymous kliklijn can Dutch citizens to report matters that they consider to be against the law. Also Report Crime Anonymously used in ongoing police matters in to win.

By unsolicited volgcookies, criminal investigations Report Crime Anonymously is itself a law. According to the privacy act must be sites for the use of volgcookies explicit permission of the visitor’s questions.

With volgcookies can the internet of visitors are tracked. The site of Report Crime Anonymously used volgcookies of Twitter, analysis service Piwik and DoubleClick, the advertising network of Google.

Because the data from that last service may be associated with the Google account of the user, would even be name and address information from visitors to Report Crime Anonymously can be announced.

Serious matter

“As yet, to find out who anonymous a report done by Report Crime Anonymously through the use of volgcookies, then that is a very serious matter,” says a spokesman of the Authority Personal data bitches RTL News.

The authority has Report Crime Anonymously to the prohibited use of cookies pointed out after the announcement of RTL News. Has not Report Crime Anonymously volgcookies of his site removed.

Titus Visser, director of Report Crime Anonymously speaks of an “unwanted situation” and points out that the meldformulier of the site is not volgcookies contained. The use of the site was, therefore, for the discovery of the volgcookies anonymous.

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