Sisters of the OG3NE glad that she is less than haatberichten to get on the social media

For social media to take part in a lot of famous people fill up with haatreacties, rivers and the women of the OG3NE of the dance. Under their photo is on Instagram, to their own relief, especially positive feedback.

“I think it’s so special that people who don’t know, however, as you can get. That you will be able to relate to and you think, for me, is that there is still a lot of goodness in the human being,” according to Shelley, is in Full conversation with the

Lisa agreed with her sister: “It gives me a little hope, because I have a lot of other people, to see how much hatred is in their messaging. How much hate is spread on social media by people who don’t know.”

“The haatreacties that I had with me one hand to count, and I also know that I have, which are all replied to me. Then I say: go somewhere else, if you like my posts don’t want to see. To me, this is even better,” said the girl.

The sisters think that it’s a little bit of their own mentality is. Shelley: “We try to be ourselves, always in a positive way in the set up, we will never have a Twitter fittie land, or our opinions about something of which we are not aware of. Or a personal attack, I will never do it. I think that people have yet to see it, because we had a lot going on, on social media, and by fellow-artists, to. For example, we are not.”

Amy: We have such a wide range of clients, from ten to eighty years old, and the positive filter is a very special experience. You can see it in every direction, but most of all, love. They are all nicely in line, not pushing or anything like that. We’ve never had before, that got out of hand, ran or anything like that. We want to make it just nice to have with all of us.”

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