Sink your teeth into opponents of the Red Devils: 9 world cup-inspired cuisine

At the world cup in Russia should be our Red Devils record against Panama, Tunisia and the uk. How can you our Belgian guys better support than the opposition literally to nibble?


The Red Devils need a nudge in the back to give for the football world cup went into the Flemish Centre for Agro and Fisheries (VLAM) and sit with us in the kitchen with Bartel Dewulf and Frederic Decruyenaere, the chefs of our Belgian players. Together they created nine dishes, inspired by the opponents of the Red Devils in the group stage. ‘Always choose meat with us. Also when we the Panamanians, Tunisians and the English oppeuzelen’, is their message.

Belgium – Panama, Monday 18/6, 17.00

Dishes with chicken you will find anywhere in the world. But the preparation varies from country to country. Chicken with garlic and broccolini is a typical Panamanian recipe. Ideal to serve on sultry summer evenings.

Of mofongo either Panamanian meatballs with fried plantain are real smaakbommetjes. This dish with coconut milk cooked rice and fresh thyme is a delicious Panamanian specialty.

Did you know that steak is a culinary speciality in Central America? Also, many Belgians are crazy about this delicious piece of beef. Grilled steak with papaya and avocado will also furore make this summer.

Belgium – Tunisia, Saturday, 23/6, 14.00

Tajine with chicken is found everywhere in Tunisia. The adventurous spices of this dish catapult us straight to a local souk. Pamper family or friends with this gem from the Tunisian cuisine.

With this Tunisian classic get you through the summer in the house. Serve this delectable rundkofta to friends or family and taste the exotic, warm flavors of Tunisia.

These wafer-thin kalfslapjes with honingtomaatjes, crispy biscuits, goat’s cheese, tuna and pomegranate are a true delight. The original combination of ingredients makes for a taste sensation.

Belgium – England, Thursday 28/6, 20.00

With chicken nuggets do you get the cosy atmosphere of England in the house. This typical English dish you can create your own simple and delicious. Drink a fresh pint for the perfect English culinary experience.

Indulge yourself and choose for a dinner in style. Thanks to this recipe tip you can imagine yourself to be a top chef. A colorful meal packed with flavor.

Did you know that the English are crazy about roasts? It is therefore high time to test out what is so special about this tidbit from over the Channel. This dish is served with a delicious tarragon.

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