Singer-song Mickey suing Disney and South Park to

Singer-song Mickey suing Disney and South Park to

Toni Basil, who in 1982 a hit single scored with the song, Mickey, has lodged a complaint against the Walt Disney Company, the creators of South Park and Comedy Central parent company Viacom.

The singer accuses the companies of it without the consent of her voice, image and personality have used it for their own profit.

Disney used according to the indictment, the number to merchandise to prices of Mickey Mouse, something they never approval, for it would give.

By the idea that people now think that she has done is Basil “withdrawn, distraught and physically unwell,” touched, as she announces in the rechtbankpapieren.

The complaint against South Park is about an episode from 2008, in which the victory of Obama was key. Therein the song was sung, with the word “Mickey” replaced by “Obama”.


The matter is complicated, because the company that in the first instance, the rights of the song had for years is bankrupt. The rights are then repeatedly changed ownership, Disney and Viacom were doing business with an organization that claims they currently have.

Basil is it, because they are the company never has given permission to the rights to income.

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