Singer Naaz can be hard to feel just by looking at the social media

Naaz will find that people are more honest, would have to be on social media, and not just moments of happiness to share. The singer noted that she was feeling due to the distorted view that people have of their own lives.

“Most of the people want to be on social media just to share how things are going. If we are honest, would have been, I don’t know for sure that we would feel it,” said the 21-year-old singer, is in conversation with Grazia magazine.

Naaz, the name is from Naaz Mohammad, is that it’s on social media it seems as if people are in love and in their careers, but only victories. “Then you’re going to doubt yourself, because it seems to me that you are the only that don’t have it.”

The singer thinks that it is important to be honest about her own life. “Girls of sixteen, might, as I have in the past, think about it: it is, to me, is that I feel this way. By itself, to be honest, I want to show you that even when you are all in a row, you still could feel it. Even the small things can really turn to.”

Naaz has been in the past, victims of bullying, but now that they have, for themselves and sometimes for the allerhardst it can be. “It’s possible that the image you have about yourself doesn’t match up with reality. I am my own bully. Had it not been for the magazines, the media, and I was in it for themselves. It is about getting things in perspective. I often have to back of my head, reset, and re-looking at the world. However, that is getting better and better.”

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