Singer Giovanca never want to have ‘wild life’

Singer Giovanca never want to have ‘wild life’

Giovananca has never had the need really from the band to jump. The 39-year-old singer always says responsibility to have felt.

“I’ve never felt the need for a wild existence, with strong parties, with drink and drugs – and that’s not necessary. If you have less hard lived?”, ask Giovanca Desire Ostiana out loud in conversation with The VARAgids.

The singer has also, in the early years of her life as an artist is not all the crazy things done but it was the members of her band, not in the way. “How fun and tempting as it is to a night to disappear in a crazy karaoke bar in Japan with whiskey and new friends, I always felt that responsibility: tomorrow, I am in The Billboard Live. Then it was: you to go to that karaoke bar, do crazy, do wild, come very at home – and then I see you tomorrow at breakfast.”

She asks still or an artist, all the other music “from the gutter”. “As someone who is all the way to the gallemiezen with liquor and, therefore, a particular book can write. You see that, of course, also with musicians. The conclusion is: no doubt is a different album, but that role I have not.”

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