Singer Astrid Nijgh scares of ‘targeted attack’

Singer Astrid Nijgh scares of ‘targeted attack’

The fear is well with Astrid Nijgh. When the singer last week, an explosive through the window thrown. Although they get off scot free, according to her, a targeted action on her life.

“They have said, stiff with fright. Well, that I experience firsthand. All my muscles in my body since the attack stiff,” says the singer of I do what I do Wednesdays in The Telegraph. “I can barely walk. The shock has my muscles stiffened. I can also hard for me to concentrate.”

“It was, of course, all much worse, because this was a targeted attempt on my life”, says the 67-year-old singer, best known for the classic I do what I do. “In short: the shock is enormous, the grief not to stop, and the safety to look far.”


Nijgh has her suspicions of who the perpetrators may have been. For the door is all times, “a group of sticky, cause teenagers’ that her neighbourhood in Spijkenisse are terrorizing.

They would revenge have to take, after one of her neighbors, the police had called. Her house is now under permanent police surveillance. Also, there is a samenscholingsverbod of power.

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