Sinan Can want that Thierry Baudet to a documentary about refugees watching

Documentary filmmaker Sinan Can want Forum for Democracy-leader Thierry Baudet to his BNNVARA-diptych Sinan is looking for the class of Elias looks: “These refugees are trying to make.”

Baudets party, who last week after the Provincial Statenverkiezing the largest party in the senate has become, advocates for a restrictive immigration policy, reception in the region and wanted to the UN Refugee convention to cancel.

“You can be anything something to consider: on treaties, on refugees, on countries that may or may not take the responsibility to catch people, you name it. And I also believe that IS fighters in the flow of refugees have found their way to Europe. But a large part of the refugees from Syria are trying something to make,” says Can-in conversation with

In Sinan is looking for the class of Elias takes Can an old school picture of a Syrian class as a starting point. On the day that the school picture is taken, find the first explosions in Aleppo. The class falls after the start of the war from each other and the children to find, together with their parents, a safe haven in neighbouring countries or other parts of the world.

The former classmate Elias (17), and Vina live, without knowing it, within a few kilometers of each other in the Netherlands. As the two teenagers together after seven years for the first time, look again, there is no emotional embrace place, but more ado they nervous on the trail where the encounter takes place.

Can made aware that the children themselves continued: “I think it’s crazy to get people together to push. It had to be as natural as possible in appearance, they were not acting. The teenagers, who are just a bit awkward. In the second part, they sit together on the couch and look at the images. Then you notice that they also give comfort.”

‘No sense in pathetic vluchtelingenverhaal’

Elias and Vina are doing well at school. Despite the fact that they only since a short time to live in the Netherlands, they control the language and they follow higher education (HAVO and VWO).

For Can, it was essential to understand these young people to highlight: “I had no meaning in a pathetic vluchtelingenverhaal. That sounds irreverent, but I don’t mean it. I want the large group to view that something is trying to create. Those people are often criminalized and dismissed as fortune seekers or profiteers, but you do them an injustice.”

Or Can really Baudet or his voters will get with the diptych know the maker. “I have, of course, not in the hand. I try to be documentaries to honour, and to the viewer as to what he thinks. But I am very interested in the group that none of the refugees wants to know, and prejudices. That I hope to achieve.”

“Perhaps they will see that there really are people and children who do their best and they come to other insights. I want people not to put out and exclude, we live in a democratic country, with all sorts of colors and scents. The FvD – and PVV-voters are also Dutch and hearing in this country. Just as I do.”

Sinan is looking for the class of Elias is Monday 25th march and Monday 1 april on NPO1.

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