Simple watertips for the christmas dinner

Also buying bottled water and can a court supervise and affect the taste. Four tips for giving source and mineral water during dinner.

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During the holidays are food and drink central. Such as wine and beer, can also source and mineral water, a dish guide and affect the taste of water, as is stressed by the Dutch association of soft Drinks, Waters, Juices. That has to do with the mineral composition and the koolzuurgehalte of the natural water. Now we will all sit at the table shares the organization’s four simple tips for donating source and mineral water during dinner.

Construction the koolzuurgehalte off

Carbon dioxide into a vibrant source and mineral water cleanses the palate and is the best accompanist at the beginning of the dinner, when there are a lot of flavors will pass. Serve with the appetizer, a strong sparkling water, followed by a light sparkling water with the main course and a flat of water in the dessert.

Flavoured Water as an aperitif without the calories

During the holidays are food and drink central, and there’s not usually looked on a calorie more or less. Source and mineral water with a flavour, as a substitute for a glass of wine or champagne as an aperitif, can then provide a solution. They contain no calories and are a healthy and delicious alternative during the holidays.

Drink water from a beautiful glass

From a National research programmes with our northern neighbours, showed that 57 percent of the water drinkers prefer water from a normal glass to drink. A simple tip for special occasions, such as Christmas: pimp your glass, and opt for a beautiful and graceful copy.

Drink plenty of water

During the holidays is the consumption of alcohol significantly increased. But please note: alcohol has a diuretic effect. It is so important to ensure your moisture content is good to maintain. Drink therefore aware also enough water during the christmas dinner. From food we get every day an average of 1 liter of fluid. To the other loss supplement there must, on average, 1.5 to 2 litres are drunk. Water is an ideal thirst-quencher, and without the calories.


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