Simon Keizer breaks kneecap

Simon Keizer breaks kneecap

Simon Keizer has his kneecap broken. The singer walked the injury on a fall.

“I walked outside with my hands full of stuff and in a moment of carelessness, I fall on the pavement, right on my knee”, says the Emperor in his new vlog about his accident. The Volendam has the next few weeks, a splint for his leg and walks on crutches. “A kneecap break never comes out, but this timing is really downright pussy. You are totally powerless.”

The singer is “completely dependent” on his wife. “And while we have a newborn baby. Annemarie is even more increased in my esteem, what she wears this all well again. Of course, she is not happy but also not angry, be happy.”

Emperor is certainly the next six weeks sweet with his recovery. “Then I’m fully recovered, so from now until about six weeks, I will every day a little bit more, literally.” Performances cancel wants Simon certainly is not. “It is fun to do. If I put them on a stool, I want to be there.”

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