Silicon Valley invests $120 MILLION in hilarious and non-essential juicer

(Screenshot of the Juicero YouTube video)

The Juicero juice machine is actually a fancy Wi-fi-enabled Keurig machine, but for sap was already an “unnecessary luxury”, the Verge reports. It is now just “flat-out unnecessary.” That is because—as revealed by Bloomberg—a pair of human hands work just as well as the $400 (originally $700) juicer.

Silicon Valley Juicero sells single serving packages of fruit and vegetables ($5 to $8 per package) that the juicer presses in eight ounces of juice in two minutes.

But Bloomberg discovered Juicero customers can squeeze the packages with their hands to get 7.5 ounces of juice in only a minute and a half. No expensive juicer needed.

Investors are, understandably, not happy with this discovery. Juicero received more funding—$120 million—than almost any other hardware startup in 2016. But some investors tell Bloomberg they would not have bothered meeting with Juicero if they had known that the consumer do not need to buy the expensive juicer.

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Juicero notes that the juicer has a QR-reader to tell you if your sap packets are expired and tailors his juice for each package, but that’s not really reassuring investors.

The head of a consumer data company, explains what happened: “Entrepreneurs may be tempted to take a technology angle when it really is not.” Or, if you wish, TechCrunch represents the whole debacle via one-act play.

(Go inside the cult of $400 blender.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Silicon Valley Invests $120 MILLION in Hilarious and non-essential Juicer

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