Silicon Valley comes to the Vatican to talk to the tech of ethics

VATICAN city (Reuters) – The Vatican has brought the Silicon Valley heavyweights, Nobel prize winners, and the cyber experts on Friday to discuss the issue of the ethical use of digital technologies, in a meeting, staff can provide the material for a possible papal document, based on artificial intelligence.

FILE PHOTO: a Nun’s walk, next to a member of the Swiss Guard during the weekly general audience at the Vatican, on the 25th of September 2019. REUTERS/Remo Casilli/File Photo

The three-day conference, which officials said was the first of its kind, is being attended by executives from companies like Facebook, Mozilla, Western Digital, and Catholic ethicists, government regulators, and investment bankers.

“The technology industry is … and has the luxury to think about that, what kind of product it’s built into it. It was the shared assumption that, for a long period of time,” said Mitchell Baker, executive chairperson for Mozilla, in Mountain View, California, usa.

“The defence is that of freedom of human expression, it was a reminder of the technology coming out of Silicon Valley, and it was unquestionably right,” she said.

The event will take place in the midst of the rise of cyber espionage, online hate speech and the misuse of personal data and on the boards, in the industry, it is worth the effort in order to comment.

The conference, whose opening session was open to the media until he was behind closed doors, is the latest example of the Vatican trying to stay ahead of the curve on technology and social issues, in order to have a significant influence on the movers and shakers of the future, no matter what their religion is.

Vatican officials have said that it would be able to provide the material for a possible papal encyclical, or papal letter addressed to the members of the Church of artificial intelligence, a lot of encounters with people helped milestone in 2015 as it “Laudato Si” on the protection of the environment and the warming of the earth.

The conference will discuss issues with the tech-slang, is not often heard within the Vatican, such as the algorithm and the blockchain.

Pope Francis is due to address the conference on Friday.

Gavin Maize (corn), associate general counsel and director of the cyber security law team is on Facebook, and how it is won, up to 1.5 million copies in the 24 hours of the live streaming of the shooter that killed 51 people in New Zealand are guided past the end of April.

“In spite of all these efforts, the video went viral,” he said, saying, he has lived in his personal capacity.

He said that it was very important for the technology firms to invest in teams of people to focus on the possible unethical use of the product too early in its development.

“A lot of people have been working in the field of AI (artificial intelligence) have been determined, these need to be developed, in particular,” said Bishop Paul Tighe, secretary of the Vatican’s Council for Culture. “We want to make is that the AI is for a good cause,” he said.

Reporting by Philip Pullella; Editing by Mark Potter

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