Significant increase in notifications, corona virus due to the extra method of diagnosis is

In the Chinese province of Hubei are the Wednesday of the 242 people have died from the effects of the corona virus to 2019-nCoV, will report to the local health authority. This is the largest number of deaths in a single day so far. The number of infections with the virus in the county has increased by 14.840 to 48.206. These increases were largely due to a new method of diagnosis.

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The total death rate as a result of the COVID-19 is a disease that is due to the corona virus causes it, is, Wednesday, rose from 1.068 to 1.310.

Previously, there was no infection anywhere, the only official to be determined on the basis of a blood test. In the province of Hubei, is, however, a shortage of this type of test, and if it is to be tested, it can take days before the result is out there. In addition, the death of some patients before they can be tested.

Since then, the diagnosis is, therefore, in Hubei even if is to be made on the basis of particular symptoms, or with a computed tomography (CT) scan of the infected lung. In the other provinces, it is still, however, a blood test is required for diagnosis.

The increase is mainly due to the new way to get the virus fixed. 13.332 of the new infections on the basis of this set, for the most part with retrospective effect over the past few weeks. Also, with 135 of the 242 new deaths, if that is the case.

Worldwide, over 60,000 besmettingsgevallen

In the Chinese province of Hubei, is known as the epicenter of the outbreak of the corona virus, which in december took place in the city of Wuhan. World, according to the authorities, now more than 60,000 besmettingsgevallen base.

On Wednesday, the health organisation, WHO, that, and the number of infections with the virus will start to level off. China was reported as the least number of new infections in a two-week period. However, the organization that will be the end of the epidemic is yet to be seen.

94Vaccin against the corona virus, lasts for months, is it still necessary?

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