‘Show around Mayweather-McGregor is antisocial and rude’

‘Show around Mayweather-McGregor is antisocial and rude’

Germaine de Randamie continues to Saturday, not waking up at night to the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather look. The former UFC champion looks forward with disgust to the show in the United States around ‘The Fight of the Century” between the MMA fighter and the boxer is built.

During showevenementen in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London in the run-up to the titanenduel belaagden the fighting cocks each other with trash talk. “You get almost the idea that it is all set up. I find it all just a little too”, says De Randamie against NUsport.

“In the US, they find the amazing as it is antisocial and rude. I can not at all appreciate.”

“What two opponents would need to bind, is the love for the sport,” says the 33-year-old Utrecht. “It is not necessary to each other for all of what is dirty and dirty.”

“Mayweather and McGregor are two of the top athletes, the best in their branch of sport. People should look forward to a nice fight between two leaders, but not to the verbal battle in advance. It just goes to the attention and the money.”


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500 million

With the boksgevecht is estimated to cost 500 million dollars (425 million euros) involved. Mayweather has stipulated three-quarters of the revenue to get.

In the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is the place for 20,000 spectators. For a seat in the ring is more than 30,000 euro paid. The cheapest tickets cost about 1,600 euro.

In the United States pay television audience $ 100 if they fight via pay-per-view in high definition want to see. In Ireland (where McGregor is coming from) and the Uk is 25 euros will be charged.

In the Netherlands send FOX Sports the fight. Non-subscribers can duel for 7,95 euro online live view.


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“What is except a ridiculous amount of money the usefulness of this fight?”, ask The Randamie. “Floyd is the best boxer of his era. He has against the greats have stood, and all his battles won. What honor has he still to achieve, against someone who never had a official match to punch?”

The Dutch stressed that the differences between Mixed Martial Arts and boxing are great. “Boxing is such a beautiful sport, many people underestimated. You have twelve rounds of three minutes, very concentrated. It is chess with your fists. If you have a blow out, you will give your cover open and the opponent for a response. It is so terribly difficult.”

“In MMA you have many more elements. If you do not succeed, you can in spades try. If that also fails, you can put your opponent down for a ground fight. You have so many more options to win a fight.”

“As a boxer you have not the possibility to use something different than your fists. If it fails, then you always collect. MMA and boxing are not comparable, it is totally different.”

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Still think The Randamie not that McGregor in advance stand a chance against Mayweather. “I am not the predictions, but if you fight a purely technical approach, then it must be for Floyd not be a problem to win.”

“But Conor is a very determined and self-confident about. If you, as a fighter in the holy conviction that you are going to win and that the other is nothing suggests, then you are very hard to beat. That is for McGregor, his only chance.”

“I go there not to stay awake,” explains De Randamie. “If I Sunday morning wake up, I will no doubt social media are flooded with images of the battle. If it turns out that it is a beautiful duel, then I’m going to look back.”

The fight between Mayweather and McGregor starts in the night from Saturday to Sunday around 06: 00 Dutch time.


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